Sunday, September 02, 2012

Mock the Vote

It's oddly reassuring to see that ignorance and bigotry is not the province of any particular race or creed, but can be found just about anywhere.

Many of the congregants in Wooden's Upper Room Church of God In Christ express conflicted feelings with the same phrase offered by Ieisha Hall: "I'm praying on it." The 37-year-old voted for Obama four years ago, in part because "as the mother of three sons, a big part of it for me was the history of" supporting the first black president.

"If God says so," Hall said she will leave her presidential ballot space blank rather than vote for Romney, even though he opposes same-sex marriage. "I know he does, but I just don't believe in Mormonism," Hall said, echoing a sentiment expressed by many congregants.

Do us all a big favor, lady, and stay home, then. A Vulture/Voucher victory will affect your life a hell of a lot more than, say, mine, or a lot of other folks. But you can congratulate yourself for your sanctimonious righteousness whilst your access to health becomes more expensive or non-existent, as your sons' ability to attend college gets curtailed, as your job, or your friends' or relatives' jobs, get outsourced or downsized so that Rmoney's stock port can go up an eighth of a tick.

There's nothing at all surprising about fools living down to their names, but still, like a train wreck, when you see it you have to look and wonder.

Somewhere deep in hell, Bull Connor is cackling his ass off. Is it really that much to ask that we have a nation where, if it doesn't break our arm or pick our pocket, we all agree to mind our goddamned business?

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