Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"Thank You, America"

As if the bloodsucking financial industry hadn't plumbed the "no good deed goes unpunished" depths quite far enough, the fine upstanding folks at AIG are considering joining a suit declaring that we didn't bail them and their fucking failure bonuses quite enough. The suit is being led by former AIG head -- and future wormfood -- Hank Greenberg, who seems to be having a contest with Donald Trump to see who can more conclusively disprove the existence of karma. Greenberg will be 88 years old in a few months, which means that as soon as his lawsuit's done, he'll probably run for the US Senate.

Keep in mind that the $182 billion that AIG grifted from you and me is more than the entire total of the combined state deficits at the time of the bailout. (And goddammit, I knew those suck-up commercials had an ulterior motive. Hey, America, thanks for saving our asses -- maybe you won't notice while we're picking your pockets.) Maybe Greenberg can explain that one to the thousands of state workers across the countries who lost their jobs so that Hank and his fellow thieves could keep their Hamptons vacation homes. Because it's hard goddamned work upending the world economy into your own pocket.

Seriously, the next time the economy collapses -- and it will happen; these animals learned absolutely nothing, except that we're dumb enough to reward corruption -- let them fucking die, go find honest work. Have a debt jubilee, circulate some medium-sized lump sums into every household, rich or poor, and set the machine going again. It can't possibly shake out any worse than a greedy, grasping, claque ruining the country with banana-republic levels of income disparity.

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