Saturday, May 28, 2016

In Which Microsoft Is Cordially Invited to Go Fuck Themselves

Seriously, I don't want Windows 10, okay? I don't care how many dopey commercials you run pimping your spyware OS, the real problem is that my Win 7 PC is five years old, and likely does not have enough memory or hard drive space to handle the upgrade.

And I'm fine with that; the machine does what I need it to do. I blog, surf, read, run my other websites, work on my guitar tabs. I run Malwarebytes to keep out the nasties, and CCleaner to clear out the pipes. At some point in the future, things wear out, and I'll have to replace my beloved trusty workhorse, and take whatever OS is going at that moment in time. But I'll make that determination, assholes, not you.

So leave me the fuck alone already. Your shitty, ubiquitous "daddy blog" commercial is no more convincing than your shitty, ubiquitous smiling babies commercials.

But they can't leave us alone, can they? YOU MUST TAKE OUR FREE UPGRADE. JOIN OR PERISH, MORTAL. They can't help themselves. Maybe the NSA is pushing them, as is noted in comments in the linked article at the beginning. Who knows?

One thing I do know is that it's pretty goddamned weird when a monolithic corporation tries so hard to give you something. It's even weirder when they're humping your leg every five fucking minutes with the aforementioned shitty teevee commercials to give you something.

There's always a catch, whether it's MOAR AND BETTER tracking bots feeding your porn searches to the gubmint, or a forced upsell to be announced at a date yet to be determined. I wish I was techier so I could just run Linux and be done with these bastards.

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