Friday, May 27, 2016

Lazy Train

Oh, for fuck's sake. Look, Drumpf-Miller-Barron (DMB) did not "destroy the interview" -- just from the first two examples described in the article, the journalists are the ones ruining it. Megyn Kelly didn't press Miller on his lying lies because she's a fucking hack who aspires to be the next Barbara Walters. And, you know, maybe the WaPo morons ought to think twice about letting Clownstick phone in next time.

DMB is thwarting the media because the media let him do it. Jesus, it seems like he phones into Face the Nation every other week or so, when he lives within spitting distance of the fucking studio. Do ya think there might be some strategery on his part in doing that, Doctor? Stop with the phone interviews; let the retards at Fox and Friends be his butt-boys, that's what they're there for.

The clown is winning the media battle because he understands the game better than they do. They will gladly abdicate their journalistic principles (if they have any to begin with) for ratings. That is their prime directive. Miller knows this, that's why he would never, and I mean never, agree to do a real one-on-one interview with a real bulldog journalist who would tune him up on his endless lies.

He knows better. They don't seem to. And time is running out. Start doing your fucking jobs already, and stop letting him call in to waste everyone's time with his goddamned lying. If he won't agree to a face-to-face interview, then do some oppo research. It's not like he hasn't spent the last four decades stinking up the joint. Just grab a shovel and choose a direction.

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