Monday, October 31, 2005

I Am Sam

I'm sure we're all just agog at Dear Leader's bold move in putting forth yet another conservative Catholic knuckle-dragger to fill a SCOTUS seat. Gee, if we didn't know better, we might think that the whole Miers episode was just a cheap ploy by a cornered White House to cynically whip up the potted plants that keep it in bidness.

It is of a piece with how these people do everything -- cynically and in bad faith -- and it should serve as a heads-up to the Democrats that they will definitely need to bring their A game to this one. Suddenly talk of candidates deserving a straight up/down vote is magically back in vogue, and already the Redneck Pope has given Scalito his sacred imprimatur. Praise Jeebus, His Assholiness has spoken!

Now, people wonder why the Democrats can't just do what they did in rolling Bush's Social Security scam. The answer to that is simple -- they didn't do a whole hell of a lot, besides refuse to compromise, which was the very least we could have expected. The old folks who vote, and refuse to allow their money to even be looked at cross-eyed did the rest, as did Bush's bad habit of never speaking to anyone who hasn't been screened and prepped.

(You know, Harvard, after a while even the thickest moron starts to wonder why it is you're so unwilling to just show up in front of an audience of random American citizens, and just start speaking extemporaneously about how great your plans and vision really are. I mean, if someone heckles you, fuckin' heckle him back -- after all, you've got the mike. So most people have finally gotten it that Bush will never ever speak honestly and extemporaneously to them about anything important, it's just ringers and boilerplate.)

The nomination talk naturally veers toward the nuclear option, but I prefer tactical bunker-busters. If I were Howard Dean, I'd find a clip of Bush's sanctimonious 2000 campaign promise to restore honor and integrity to the White House, and run the fuck out of it on every local affiliate in the country. I'd take every opportunity to remind people that this is a cheap stunt by a bloodied administration that hasn't done a single thing right. I'd send double-buffered rent-a-thugs to dig through Turd Blossom's trash and Big Time's files and stock portfolios. I'd do to them what they did to Max Cleland -- a montage of DeLay, Libby, Rove, Cheney, Bush, dead soldiers and Iraqi civilians, and the still-missing bin Laden. No stone unturned.

Fuck these assholes. Do you want your country back yet, or not? They're never going to just give it back to you, and they've still got that Diebold edge. You want a nuclear option, there it is. That Mr. Smith Goes To Washington shit gets you bupkis.


Craig Heath said...

Amen, Brother H - and let's hope that the late breaking news about Harry Reid and the Magic Riding Crop of Rule 21 can be a spark. On top of the really dirty tricks, howz about using all the by-the-rules tricks given to minority opposition precisely because they are the opposition? Flank slap those porkers into closed session and make 'em squawk - filibuster them into rhetorical cream-o-wheat - demand quorum if you have to, just stir the shit pot enough to get your digs in and change minds, K?

Sorry - stream-of-consciousness cynicism does not lend itself to concise formulation.

Joon said...

Yes! Let them go nukular! What the hell good is a tool you can't use, anyway? Let the bastards trash the filibuster, if it can't hold up.

What goes around always comes around, and it may come around sooner than they think. And then we'll put on our headphones and listen to the whiners in quadraphonic sound with our monitors turned up to 11.

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