Saturday, October 01, 2005

Time Out

As fate (and a judicious student loan application) would have it, I have been accepted into an accelerated degree program in Project Management. With some moxie and/or gumption, I will have a nice fat BSBA in February of 2007, shortly before my fortieth birthday. This will enable me to escape the benighted employment (and cultural) backwater I find myself mired in, and finally graze some greener pastures.

Despite my evident full-tilt inclination toward eviscerating the retards who dare to control our lives and herd us with their political theater, I do have other interests, as well as a few ideas which may very well turn out to be financially viable. I humbly submit that I would be cheating myself, as well as the rest of humanity, were I not to endeavor to make the most of my peculiar innovations.

So I soldier on. Between full-time work, 1½ hours commute time per day, a too-small amount of family time, and an ever-growing "honey-do" list, there is precious little to insert the required time to read and study and communicate effectively in an educational environment. This necessitates some rethinking of priorities, and at least a short-term drop-down in posting frequency here.

The cool thing about this situation (for me, anyway) is that, just in the context of configuring my time constraints, I've already been jonesing to do more in here. So many things to riff and rip on, just this past week alone. Tom DeLay finally getting what's coming to him (hopefully). Saint Judy getting out (undeservedly; she's a worthless hack/enabler/tool of Satan). The Passion of the Brownie, flaying himself before Congress while pointing the finger -- and taking the heat off his corporate overlords, like a good shameless toady should. There's a lot of ground to cover.

But it will still be there the next time I saunter in, be it in a week, or two, or more. Probably I will go with a Jim Kunstler weekly screed at first, until I find my rhythm with my new commitments. There will always be bullshit to discuss, because the people we examine always (and, more importantly, only) dispense copious amounts of bullshit. And we'll always keep our eye on the proverbial ball. That's what I attempt to do here at the Hammer -- watch that fucking ball so closely, I can describe the stitches to you.

So please be patient, check back in periodically, definitely check out the archives, and thanks for your continued readership. It means a lot to see people coming back for more, and to get where I'm coming from.


Anonymous said...

We're gonna greatly miss your lessons in merciless anatomy, Hammer, but a man's gotta do what he's gotta do. Prioritize away, my friend, and don't forget to let us quench our thirst at the fountainhead of your implacable writing. Good luck, and we'll be watching you.


Ripley said...

Here's to great fortune! I'm sure you'll do a great job, and I'll continue to check for more brilliant shredding of the idiots in our midst.

Rip -

PincherMartin said...

Best wishes, Heywood, in both your return to academic life and career change.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one last thing. Now that you went back to "school", I feel confident I can expect quite a few posts on the silent, lobotomized majority of the student population. After all, I'm in grad school, so I should know. Lookin' forward to implacable dissections of the small, but stuffy universe of ivory-walled bien pensants.


Mitch said...

Good luck with all that. You'll need a job you can be proud of when the current reign is over. Lay the groundwork today. Rejoice manana.

Craig Heath said...

Head on, Heywood - and all the luck in everything you do.

Whenever you get around to writing, I'll get around to reading. No hurry, no worry - take care of what's important.

But you realize that the fate of the Republic hangs on your next post, don't you? No pressure. When you get a minute. know, whenever you can will be fine.

Hmm. Dee-dumm. Dee-da dee-da dee-dum. No, that's okay. I'll wait.

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