Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brief Football Arcana

It needs to be said, football fans -- if the Raiders' offense was even half as good as their defense, they'd be straight-up giant killers right now. Mainly I just enjoy the statistical oddity that in this game, defensive back/kick returner Chris Carr outgunned the entire offensive production by a 2:1 ratio. Between the dropped balls, missed blocks, messed routes, and sacks allowed, the offense did everything they could to hand the game over to the reeling league champion Steelers, but the defense refused to let them. Good for them.

And good for Art Shell for finally coming to his senses and getting Jerry Porter on the field for the first time this season. With Randy Moss dropping more passes than he's hauling in these days, and the inexplicably stupid Doug Gabriel trade at the beginning of the season (when Porter was already agitating for a trade), this pathetic offense needs every weapon out there that it can find.

Quarterback Andrew Walter is not exactly making anyone forget about Joe Montana or Brett Favre, but his veteran receiver corps is doing precious little to hold up their end of the bargain. Walter at least looks like he gives a shit. Hopefully Porter's return will help add some life to a truly dreadful offensive team, otherwise this is just a blip in another 4-12 season.

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