Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Steele Assholia

Ron at CenterFace has a good catch on Oreo stooge Michael Steele's deceptive goobernatorial campaign. It's all of a piece, considering Steele has also been using famous violent thugs to rope in the "hopelessly ignorant negro" vote (and yes, that sounds racist at first blush, but who the hell else is he trying to appeal to with a killer/thief and a rapist?).

Check the signs out for yourself, and see if you think he's trying to put one over on somebody:

[Photo from Talking Points Memo.]

As we've being seeing across the board with the Repuglicans, political desperation, like inbreeding, produces some very ugly traits. Wonder how much these sign-holding dickheads charged for the rental of their principles.

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Craig Horizon said...

You have to wonder if they all travel in packs. It's time that better ideals were instilled in the political candidates.