Sunday, October 15, 2006

Joe Mama

It seems that, whether he or they win or lose, it's high time the pooh-bahs in the Democratic Party help Uncle Joe find his pants and kick him the fuck out already.

Joe Lieberman is declining to say whether he thinks it would be a good thing if Dems win control of the House of Representatives. Lieberman -- who needs GOP votes as an independent -- was asked in an interview published today in the Hartford Courant whether America would be better off if his lifelong party took back the House. The Courant reports that Lieberman responded: "Uh, I haven't thought about that enough to give an answer."

Has he made himself clear enough yet? Enough is enough. Kick his ratfuck ass to the curb. Let the Goopers have him, let him go on the Zell Miller nutjob circuit. Take a stand, and do it now, before the election. Put his fucking rutabaga head on a goddamned pike and be done with it.

While the political winds are obviously with the Democrats right now, the fact is that the reason they keep choking every couple years is their innate ability to appear timorous and indecisive. Well, here's an opportunity to make what should be a pretty easy decision by now.

Lieberman literally chose to make it a Party of Joe. Quit dicking around and grant him his wish. It's time he was someone else's liability.


Liebermeforme said...

America has a problem.


Anonymous said...

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