Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bachmann Feeler Overdrive

Looks like Droopy's got some competition for Junior's affections:

While [Junior] was signing autographs for members of Congress after the speech, the sixth-district Republican put her hand on Bush's shoulder. However, it wasn't just a tap. After he signed an autograph for her, Bachmann grabbed [Fredo] and did not let go for almost 30 seconds.

After signing the autograph for Bachmann, [Oedipus Tex] turns away, but Bachmann doesn't let go. In fact, the video shows her reaching out to get a better grip on him.

Oh my. Who will the first to claw Miss Thang's eyes out in a good old-fashioned Beltway catfight -- the missus or the jilted "independent" good-time girl? Stay tuned for more soapy greatness.

[Link via Atrios.]

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