Sunday, January 07, 2007

Here's Another Clue For You All

The Knights of Prosperity step on their thumb-dicks again:

Last night, Johnny Assrocket was screeching hysterically about how Time Magazine's Blog-of-the-Year had been hacked, resulting in the destruction of a day's worth of his pearls of wisdom. The righteous ass vowed to "criminally prosecute[]" the evildoers responsible. He also simperingly gave "[t]hanks to the many readers who have expressed their concern," and urged his readers to congregate at the Powertools News bulletin board so they could "heap abuse on the moron who hacked us."

At the bulletin board, various toolsuckers postulated that "some moonbat from Democratic Underground is responsible," that "someone who could do something like this could do a huge amount of damage to infrastructure, if they were given guidance on what to hit," and that "it takes some degree of intellect to hack a site like Power Line." It was also suggested that the hack was a testament to the popularity and influence of the Tools.

And of course it was an inside job, shucked away with scarcely a nod of embarrassment at the notion that anyone needs to commit an act of electronic terrorism by hacking the fuckin' PowerTools blog. It's far more useful being operable than out of commission -- you know where all the morons are congregated, and the nonsense pretty much speaks for itself. Why hack it?

But hey, bonus points to Captain Corndog for going all Joan Crawford on us.

These clowns are writing most of our material for us at this point.

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Anonymous said...

Who are these guys? Some kinda "Tim The Tool-Man Taylor" digital knockoffs?

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