Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Any Given Scumday

Look, I'm not going to claim to have an Olympian physique myself, nor would I assume that every military service personnel is perfectly sculpted, but I guarantee you, nobody on the ground looks anything like this doughy fuck.

Today, the American Enterprise Institute, a neoconservative think tank, held a discussion entitled “Assessing the Surge in Iraq,” featuring prominent Iraq war proponents like Fred Kagan, Gen. Jack Keane, and James Miller of the Center for a New American Security.

Bush’s escalation was largely inspired by a October 2006 paper written by Kagan, who stated that the U.S. needed to “re-enter Iraq in large numbers.” In today’s conference, Kagan claimed there was a “general agreement” that “violence overall is down” but refused to provide any factual evidence for those arguments....Desperate to defend his failing strategy, Kagan refused to provide statistical backup for his broad assertions that escalation is showing progress.

Of course he refuses, because he has none. Never mind; I have photographic proof that Kagan has been moonlighting from his sweet, sweet AEI gig.

You have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny, and explains a great deal about the intellectual backing of the overall strategery. All that's missing is the inevitable advice from Stewie to exterminate the brutes.

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