Saturday, July 07, 2007

Khan Job

Speaking of cronyist pardons, noted nuke proliferator asshole A.Q. Khan is back on the loose.

Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan, who ran a global network of nuclear-weapons technology -- catering to such clients as Libya, Iran and North Korea --was placed under house arrest by strongman Pervez Musharraf in 2004 under pressure from the Bush administration. House arrest was a compromise: Musharraf feared imprisoning Khan, a national hero, due not only to popular outrage but fear that Khan might disclose collaborators in Musharraf's government. Now, however, the AP reports that Khan is "virtually a free citizen," and has been for "several months," according to Pakistani officials:

Funny how, for the last several years, we've heard all the horror stories about the Axle of Elvis countries getting nukes, but precious little about where they got them.

Musharraf refused to allow U.S. intelligence officials to question Khan, and Congress has raised questions over whether the proliferation network Khan created is truly out of business. Meanwhile, Musharraf's grip on power is loosening, raising the prospect that Khan's newfound freedom is a cynical pander by an increasingly desperate dictator.

And Musharraf just hours ago narrowly escaped yet another assassination attempt, leading one to believe that the inmates are about to take over the asylum there.

Wonder what the would-be foreign policy professors, especially the daddy figures on the right, have to say about this one. I'm sure it rhymes with "stay the schmourse".

[Update: Here is an informative article, essentially describing the reasons why Musharraf should resign, along with commentary on the current siege at the Lal Masjid mosque. Interesting stuff, and it seems to be developing rapidly.]


Linkmeister said...

If the Atlantic article about this guy is online, it's worth reading. I think it's from 2003 or thereabouts (I subscribe but don't keep the hard copy).

Diva said...

Another nightmare scenario: Musharraf killed in a successful coup... Pakistan's nukes in the hands of the military... no one is this Administration with any diplomatic skills. Hello?? - is it just me????