Saturday, July 14, 2007

Little Nasty Shits

Just think -- the biggest aspiration any of these smug, privileged douchebags has, besides hooking up at some preppy glory-hole, is to be third-tier flunkies for the Cheney administration, ambulatory cock-warmers for the likes of Karl Rove. It's just a damned shame none of them supports the noble cause quite enough to take their tiny, flaccid "Republican cocks" to where the real action is, but I guess that's what they have poor people for.

On this fine Bastille Day, let's take a moment to recall that the guillotine was used for a reason.


Ron said...

Oh, I can do ya one about having to be the unfortunate soul to go undercover on a National Review cruise...

Marius said...

I had to go puke, then take a long shower after I read that piece.

Maybe the libertarians are right, y'know: since such scumbags will always be among lobbyists, isn't the best solution to minimize the scope of government, so that these douches have to try and do something productive, for a change? Left without an object of their labor, they may crawl back to the country clubs they came from, and work on their fucking handicap (pun intended).