Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fairytale of New York

In what appears to be a perfect symbiosis, America's Mayor picks up the coveted endorsement of the cultural equivalent of its wacky neighbor.

Let's make sure we have all this straight -- a man who has been historically pro-gay rights and pro-choice, and whose single issue is 9/11, is being endorsed by a raving loon who, in agreement with Jerry Falwell, declared that America got what it deserved on 9/11....because of its tolerance of gay people.

Are these fuckin' people trying to make everyone's heads explode, or just another case of douchebags of a feather flocking together?

Update: Roy draws the parallel more clearly, in that the common element between humps like Giuliani and Robertson is, naturally, straight-up authoritarianism. That each likes his served up with a healthy dollop of institutionalized corruption -- Robertson in his gold-mine dealings with various African thugs; Giuliani with Vic Mackey wannabes like Bernie Kerik -- only sweetens the deal for them.

But it also helps blow the lid off of what really makes the remaining stripe of limbics tick. Beyond protecting their chedda from groping do-gooders and hoping to win the lottery, what these numb fucks really really want is to be told what to fuckin' do. It trumps everything, lays bare all the notional fambly-valyews whinges, overrides everything from serial philandering to cross-dressing to Mormonism. Once Romney internalizes that -- and he already has to some extent -- he has the money to keep running with this theme, and this is a static demo that's just waiting for someone they perceive as viable. All these idiot talking points about "electability" are now officially worthless; the core demo has made its priority abundantly clear.

They seem to think that they're choosing between dying on their feet and living on their knees, but they're really just dying on their knees, and apparently can't wait to do so. That it manifests itself in the incoherent alignment of Giuliani and Robertson should signal bad tidings for Giuliani's campaign, and for the fortunes of the Republicans themselves. Creepy douchebag, or empty rich suit? Your call, geniuses.

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thedevilzone said...

I saw the picture of Rudy n' Marion beaming in each others' arms this morning and thought, "Isn't it awesome that these two can announce to the world that both of them are entirely full of shit and always have been, that neither one believes in a damn thing but Lookin' Out For #1, and there are still people stupid enough to follow them anywhere they lead?"