Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Poetry Corner

Every week distracts with more
Insipid, worthless fluff
Cutting into drinking time
And other important stuff.

So tough to be a movie star
Days of wine and sugar
Unless of course your mom turns out
To be a grasping cougar.

The mediasphere was all abuzz
With the bombshell from Ms. Yellin
That the sainted media get pushed around
By toadying corporate felons.

The loony fringe preferred to spend
Their time on keffiyehs
Donut-holes who spank it off
To pics of Rachael Ray.

I'll never be a famous face
Or an explorer like Magellan
But at least I'm not a fucking weasel
Like that asshole Scott McClellan.

1 comment:

Marius said...

Super. You should make this into a weekly instalment. Haikus for the news junkies.