Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Justice, No Peace

You know, when I first caught this headline, my initial assumption was that the prison sentence was for deluging the world with shitty boy bands. My bad, though they really should consider doubling the sentence.


Ron said...

I just nominated you for best blog at the Blog Awards. You and me should stick together, despite you acquiring new, smarter blogbuddies. Now what we need to do is get drunk and decide to waste time nominating ourselves. Tell your friends to do it too, and I'll nominate them. And link. If we do this early, why, we'll be famous!

Heywood J. said...

I'm always up for some cross-promotion, Ron. Shoot me a link to the specific blog awards; I didn't see one on your blog. I like that Young Osama pic a great deal. Looks like a Tijuana knock-off of the We're Only In It For the Money cover. The pink car (Rambler, maybe?) cinches the deal.

And after the second 55-hour work week, heading into a holiday/birthday weekend, I am definitely drinking.

Heywood J. said...

That should be my second consecutive 55-hour work week. Jesus, I'm more burnt than I thought.

Ron said...

Ive been under considerably less strain lately. I'm getting out of the army on medical; I just found out I am bipolar, so that's boardable. When I get out, the severance check will pay all my bills. Right now, I'm just coasting, making the case for the army as being an inappropriate environment for someone who needs stability.Then it's off to regular life, depending on how much disability I get.