Monday, May 12, 2008

Nothin' Beats a Joe Blob

Lieberman makes the rounds for Ratfuck Monday.

When Wolf Blitzer pointed out that Obama also labels Hamas a terrorist organization, making his position the same as McCain's, Lieberman said, "that's true," adding that Obama "clearly doesn't support any of the values and goals of Hamas."

You think Obama's wondering why the hell he didn't stump for Ned Lamont last year? Jesus, you hope that at least the Dems have enough balls between them to ditch this hump once and for all. No more committee chairmanships, nothin', freeze this prick out. You're dead to us, Fredo.


Marius said...

In a party led by better people than Harry Reid, they'd have booted his ass a long time ago. Instead, they've let that oleaginous streak stain the underpants of the Democratic Party for several years now.

I heard he plans to be the next Zell Miller--show up at the Republican National Convention and publicly offer to become their bitch. That may prove to be too much even for the spineless dumbasses that still support him in the party. Pasty piece of shit.

Marius said...

Besides, it appears that Joementum's no-longer-virginal offering of moist regions will be topped by a, um, more penetrating initiative -- from Bob Barr and (rumor is) Ron Paul, who plan to present the Repubs with a surprise they won't forget easily.

cavjam said...

Years ago I used to play chess with an old rebbe in Washington Square Park. He said the Greeks confined tragedy to the theatre, the Jews embrace it as part of their identity. For the Greeks the classical flaw was hubris, for the Jews it's sanctimony.