Friday, May 09, 2008

Heart of Dorkness

So for no good reason at all, I'm checking out Amazon's "Guitar Gods" contributor section, and I stumble across this happy monkey-fuck of a thread. Note how seamlessly it transitions from the initial asshole "joking" about Dimebag Darrell (who, if half of what I've heard and read about him over the years is true, was a total mensch) being shot, to the other bozo lecturing everyone on how all dictatorships are "leftist". Hunh? I thought this was a guitar thread, you thumb-dick.

Anyway, fun stuff. Do check it out if you have time to kill (and, well, you're here, which means that you do). Like mouth-breathing rats stuck in a cage, some of these folks are. As always, I remember my first beer.


Marius said...

I take umbrage at the notion that I come to this site to kill time. While I sometimes check out your blog when I wanna get away from my dissertation, I have concluded a very careful triage process to decide which sites to keep on my blogroll. So watch what you say about your readers, H. ;-)

I like heavy metal, and I used to know a few things about guitar players. But I can't play the instrument myself, so I don't think it would make sense for me to get involved in discussions about guitar gods. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

thedevilzone said...

I can't do it, man. I check out for my heavy music updates, and the comments there are so skull-crushingly stupid they give me a migraine. Very right of center, too (many comments about System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine being "terrorist-lovers" every time they're mentioned).