Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Audacity of Dope

Political Zen question: Which is more ridiculous -- writing crib notes in the palm of your hand, or scribbling them out?

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ. Seriously? Our glorious librul media has plagued our poor eyes and ears for weeks over this joke of a "convention" that ended up with a grand total of about a thousand attendees? That's it? A thousand preening morons paying dearly to listen to Sasha Farce use her palm as a cheat sheet to recite the same schtick she's babbled for 18 months straight. And Palin, compared to opening acts Joseph Farah and Tom Tancredo, made the most sense.

So for a trumped-up event that ended up drawing fewer people than the average farmers' market out here in the sticks, we get to hear for the past month -- and probably several months to come -- what a sea change this is. Great job, media tards. Keep up the awesome work.


Joe Blow said...

gah!! endless breathless updates on the A-laska A-hole.

The part crossed out is.. she first wrote "Budget Cuts" but crossed that out and made it TAX CUTS.. because everyone knows tax cuts INCREASE revenues and so then we wouldn't need budget cuts...

clatei said...

off-topic football comment:

Anyone else notice Coach Sean Payton's alomst twin-like resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald?

(just sayin'...)

Grace Nearing said...

Sarah's losing it. She's gained weight. Her hair is too pouff'd and the bangs always need trimming. Her facial skin is deplumping as her collagen production decreases in tandem with her estrogen level. As the estrogen level decreases, immediate recall can go haywire (thus the palm notes).

The mid to late forties is a bitch of a time for any woman. In other words, this is gonna be fun to watch!

Heywood J. said...

True. Not sure if she realizes it or not, but no one would give her the time of day if she looked like Olympia Snowe.