Thursday, October 06, 2016

A Friendly Reminder

While the media bozos and overpaid "analysts" offer their various interpretations of who "won" Tuesday's veep debate, there is only one takeaway that you should deem important -- while Drumpf is a cheap, transparent oaf and con-man who is merely pretending to be whatever it is he thinks people want him to be so that they'll vote for him, Mike Pence is the real deal.

The only thing Pence is pretending about is his support for Drumpf. And you can bet the evangelicals are now carefully calibrating their narrative from "Gawd gave us Drumpf" to "Gawd gave us Drumpf to deliver Pence." And Pence is a perfect vessel for them -- smarmy, hypocritical, oppressive to all Others.

The best way to defeat them is to set up any number of grifts to fleece them out of their money, so they have less to contribute to the next psychopath who tries to curry their favor. It may be time to get serious about coming up with a merch line.

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