Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Just a reminder:  you can rant and tweet and fulminate your pending revolution on any and every media platform for a fucking year or so, and no one will do a goddamned thing, but if you make a lame joke in a Williamsburg bar about offing The Clownstick, the NYPD will pull your ass in for a few hours, "lose" your ID, and generally spend the evening reminding you what happens when you fuck around in a po-lice state.

Drumpf has spent the better part of the last month deliberately trying to sabotage the electoral process, and delegitimize Clinton's administration before it even starts, but the real threat is some numbnuts public-school history teacher running his mouth after one too many Blue Moons. Good to know.

And Joe Walsh can go fuck himself with Drumpf's tiny bronzed dick. No doubt the Stormfront retards cluttering up Twitter buy into Walsh's "musket" schtick, pretending it means something other than what it obviously means. The idea that "musket" is synonymous with boycotts and voting (or not voting) in protest is preposterous even for a moron deadbeat dad like Joe Walsh. His tri-corner tinfoil hat ain't getting him out of this one.

Walsh and his cohort might be surprised to find that some of us pussy libruls actually own weapons as well, and the first one of these dumb cocksuckers that decides post-election to take seriously his own micropenis-grabbing horseshit is going to discover the pleasures of an ass full of lead. I've had more than my fill of listening to these whiny assholes with their heads-I-win-tails-you-lose logic. Either accept the results as they land, or get the fuck out, and we promise to do the same.

I couldn't care less about making nice or "reconciling" or any of that bullshit. There is nothing to say to people who fill their brains with poisonous lies and myths and scream incoherently like street-corner mental patients. You cannot negotiate or deal rationally with irrational people. So stop trying, and just do your thing -- which includes not just voting by November 8th (my wife and I vote by mail, and sent in our ballots today; I highly recommend it), but voting in every election, even the boring ones.

After all these endless discussions and thumbsucking pieces on Who These Drumpf Voters Really Are, it should be clear that the rise of these maroons is attributable not (or not just) to outsourcing and immigrants and such like. It's the fault of every bien pensant asshole who congratulated themselves for voting for the blah guy in 2008, only to disappear in 2010 and let the teahadi dipshits take over. This is a full-time job, motherfucker, and it doesn't work unless everyone shows up and takes responsibility.

So let's send these assholes home, once and for all, and may we never see them again.

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