Friday, October 07, 2016

He Can't Help Himself

The hilarity, she continues. No surprise that it doesn't take a Howard Stern to set Drumpf on "full douchebag," even preznitential cuz Billy Bush can bring it out of him. Within months of his marriage to his Slovenian mail-order bride, Drumpf was driving hard for the hoop on Nancy O'Dell. Like, he took her furniture shopping and everything.

And just when Paul Ryan was finally coming around to Drumpf. And now the RNC muckety-mucks are no doubt convening and conspiring, trying to figure out how to dump Gump, make Pence the front-runner, and tack on -- oh, I don't know, let's say Chachi or Screech or some other cartoon character. So long as we keep in mind that Pence treats women even worse than Drumpf or any other frat boy idiot -- he did, after all support and sign a bill requiring burial or cremation for fetuses that are aborted or miscarried.

Of course the diehard rubes will remain unswayed. He talks about women like they talk about women. Hell, I've talked about women disrespectfully -- you know, when I was 22 and lived on Jack Daniel's and the next woman I happened to meet. Never said the "grab 'em by the pussy" line, though. That's just weird and stupid, even for a drunken 22-year-old. But Drumpf was almost 60 at the time of the tape, just married for a third time, and with four children, three of them grown.

But even the diehards have to be wondering now. This is really not about how he treats or talks about women, as abysmal as that is. This is about judgment and common sense. What sort of a dumbfuck, especially one so obsessed with PR, says this kind of shit in a segment where a cameraman is present. Only a complete moron doesn't assume that the camera is always on, that the mic is always hot.

He couldn't resist the chance to show off for a presidential cousin/nephew, because he never can resist such things. He thinks he is BMOC, and as such is always compelled to play the role. And everyone knows that a real stud just walks up to dames, pulls them aside, gives them a kiss and grabs their pussy. Because that's what "stars" do. Seriously, is there anything this guy isn't completely inept at?

There's your fuckin' hero, your savior, you inbred flyover country dipshits. How do you like him?

This just got fun. Getcha popcorn. By next week the slogan might be changed to Two in the Pink, One in the Stink.

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