Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Betting Pool

So the betting markets fucked up royally in predicting the election outcome, obviously, but so did the "professional" pollsters. With that caveat in mind, and acknowledging that we are barely sixty days into this amateur clusterfuck of an administration, it bears mentioning that there are at least existing bets one can place that these motherless fucks will be down the road before the end of the first term, and even by the end of this year.

It's a hair too soon to be overly optimistic, but something is brewing and gathering momentum. Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter Page, Michael Flynn, and now Devin Nunes all appear to be up to their asses in alligators over the pattern of collusion between the Clownstick campaign and Russian intel. The only one of these assholes that's even a bit hard is maybe Flynn, and that's only because whatever his faults, he's still a general.

The rest of them? Pfft. Manafort just wants to go back to his dismal existence of serving as a bagman and PR flack for murderers and tyrants. Stone is a perv who literally likes to watch other guys fuck his wife; even more damning, he's a lifelong professional ratfucker. Page appears to be a broker between the Clownstick regime and the Russian oligarchs, and Nunes simply backed the wrong horse because he has way more ambition than brains or ethics.

All of them are probably terrified of going the Duke Cunningham route, or getting passed around the cell block at Leavenworth. One of the Law & Order interrogators could get at least one of these fools to flip on the whole rotten scheme, simply by pointing out the old adage that the first to talk gets to walk, and the rest get to learn the inner workings of Club Fed. It would interesting to draw odds on that as well.

It's actually possible that all five spill, that each man has a piece of the elephant that the others don't know about. Nunes in particular stepped on his dick bigly today, by running across town to the White House to inform the target of the investigation what the intel was saying. This is not only stupid, it's a flaming red flag that Nunes -- who owns part of a winery that happens to have a Russian distributor who is close to Putin -- is balls-deep in this thing as well.

Tomorrow's planned House vote on the tax-cut-disguised-as-Obamacare-reform is turning into a key event, perhaps nothing less than a confidence vote by the Republicans on the administration's continued viability. The evidence for wrongdoing, unless Adam Schiff is completely yanking everyone's chain (and he doesn't seem the type), is mounting steadily, and while the corrupt husk of the GOP wouldn't give two shits if there was photographic evidence of Clownstick and Putin exchanging giant sacks with dollar signs on the side, they do care about staying in office.

A growing number of Republican House members are already nervous, because the bullshit "health care" bill has served to send crowds of angry voters to heckle them at town halls. Nobody wants it, because it's a sack of shit. And now this Russian thing is blowing up on them, and the shit explosion splatters them all. In a permanent campaign for a two-year seat, it is literally never too early in the game to raise money, or to distance yourself from a party head who was already languishing at record-low approval ratings, even before evidence of his scampaign's collusion with a foreign power begins gaining steam.

The Goopers may already be fucked. Tomorrow will be a big indicator of which way the wind is blowing. It's too bad they don't care enough about their country to stand up against a "leader" who, in just two months, has already distinguished himself as the most corrupt since Nixon, perhaps since Harding. May they all get flushed in the coming shit-storm.

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