Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nothing Beside Remains

Another day, another laundry list of transcribed LIES. As always, the whole mess richly deserves the FJM treatment, but to what end? More such lists erupt every week or so, or whenever some mewling scrivener feels it's their journamalistic duty to gain access to someone who has no intention of giving them a straight answer. So what's the fucking point?

Bonus points, though, for these gems:
  1. Literally referring to the National Enquirer as "the newspaper." Jesus H. Christ, he really is the angry drunk sitcom dad of our collective cultural subconscious.
  2. Seriously seems to believe that when he repeats unvetted bullshit that he heard on Fixed Noise or wherever, that when said bullshit is exposed it's not on him at all, but on the idiot who first pulled it out of their ass. Which begs the question:  if that's your standard for epistemic accountability, why not just recite claims from various late-night infomercials, or the scrawled claims on truck-stop bathroom stalls?
  3. "I'm the president, and you're not." Not for much longer, motherfucker.
The whole thing is just a pathetic pile of nonsense. The man can barely put together two sentence fragments in a row without a running start. These pieces do at least demonstrate quite clearly what clusterfuck of a human being he is, that his head is full of snakes and mirrors and sulfurous smoke.

He thinks that because he drew crowds in safe states that "the country believes [him]". Fine, asshole. Come to a state where people actually live and see how that works out for you. He won't because he's a chickenshit, like his sucker-punching cult followers.

But let's recall that the centerpiece of his scampaign was that the kenyan moooslin Chocolate Hussein Thunder had turned our fair and holy land into nothing less than a flaming hellscape, that if we failed to elevate Him, Jim Jones Fuckface Von Clownstick to highest office immediately, all would be lost. Our collective demise was indeed imminent.

And yet he's had two months now, and he's spent more time rage-tweeting, golfing, scampaigning in safe states, and pulling nonsense out his Cheeto-colored bunghole than getting anything done. He's had the amateurs in his law office crank out two completely useless moooslin bans, each of which was laughed immediately out of court, and neither of which would have mattered anyway, since not a single fatal terrorist incident has been committed by anyone from any of the proposed ban countries.

He has no logic; words mean what he wants them to mean, because he doesn't recognize any distinction between fact and fiction, truth and lie. As with people, words are simply things he uses for his own purposes, without regard to their actual intrinsic purposes and meanings. He's an ignorant buffoon, a cloistered moron who's had people cater to him and say yes to him his entire life.

Genuinely intelligent people are always in awe at how little they truly know in the vast scope of the universe. It takes a fucking idiot to constantly insist that he knows everything, and is never wrong.

I have no clue how this dipshit became known as such a great negotiator, except that he kept calling gullible mediots regularly until they just accepted it. But it's pretty clear that he couldn't negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag. Really, it's the only thing that's going to keep the nation from imploding is his sheer, comical ineptitude at every fucking thing.

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