Friday, March 31, 2017

The Fuck 'em Never Stops

If there's anything more useless than a focus group of Drumpfkins helping their cult leader slow-walk his empty promises, it's a pwoggie trying to lib-shame people who also have a legitimate right to be angry about things. Look, now is the time for these incoherent motherfuckers to learn that elections have consequences, and that the revered country Drumpfkin is going to bear the brunt of it.

And while Markos Moulitsas and rich Frank Rich might be down-punching a bit in their rhetoric, after nearly two years of vile, ugly spewing not just from the wampeter but from the cult followers themselves, it would take someone with superhuman forbearance to let it all slide. Guess we're going to get caught in an ongoing cycle of recriminatory fuck yous, because some of us are not in a mood to make nice with people who refuse to listen to rational argument anyway.

We're tired of being told we're not real Americans, simply because we have better things to do than pick on gays and immigrants. We're tired of their "Fuck Your Feelings" and "She's a Cunt" tee shirts. We're tired of their stupid chants and stupider rants. Tired of the chest-puffing fatties who think they're bad-asses, just a Moon Pie away from keeling over. Tired of the morons who think that voting for a certified con man whose goal is to wreck the world counts for something good. Tired of the mindless excuses and endlessly shifting goalposts. Tired of the mediot smart set pontificating that We Must Reach Out To Them, while never so much as implying that maybe it's a two-way street.

If there's one consistent feature with these rubes, it's that they insist at the top of their lungs on "personal responsibility" until it applies to them. It's someone else's fault that their coal jobs left town and they've sat around for twenty years with their thumbs in their asses, waiting in futility for them to return. It's someone else's fault that their kids are all on the dole, hooked on and selling opioids to each other, unlike those people in the inner cities with their heroin and such like. It's someone else's fault that they can't relocate or retrain, even though information is free and everywhere, even the holler has turned into a fucking cesspool, but it's a cesspool they just cain't quit, apparently.

They talk a good game about freedom and jebus and such like, but you can bet your next twenty paychecks that if Dear Leader instituted a program where they just show up, excavate, and re-bury coal in an endless loop without ever actually even using the coal, they'd hail him as the second coming. They can talk the god jabber all they want, but the fact is that they supported a serial adulterer who humiliated his ex-wives in public and gropes strangers, over a devout Methodist who has taught Sunday school and speaks authoritatively and passionately about her beliefs. So yeah, save your god-bothering bullshit for someone who falls for it.

The pwoggie concern trolls have an open invitation to explain to the rest of the class exactly how liberals or Democrats are supposed to reach this guy:
Ricky Farnsworth flies a Confederate battle flag from an improvised steel rod flagpole outside his trailer home. When I ask why he’s hoisted such a divisive symbol in a state mostly carved out of Virginia to join the Union cause, he smiles.

“I will not fly an American flag other than that one. I would rather have a Chinese flag, a Japanese flag, a Russian flag. Fuck the United States. They’re the most cruelest country there is. Letting your own people starve and sending aid overseas. Going over and killing people in other countries and then building them back up. What business did we have in Vietnam? What business did we have in Iraq?” he said.

Farnsworth used to work on oil rigs but the toll of injuries, including a lost finger, and the general wearing down of his body forced him out of a job. Now, at 59, he lives on a little more than a $1,000 a month in disability payments. Farnsworth is an unflinching if maverick Trump supporter. He denounces the rich but believes the billionaire president will Make America Great Again. He speaks of Obama as “the black guy” and said he knows for sure the former president is not American. Yet he supports Obamacare and doesn’t understand why the US can’t replicate Canada’s health system.

Seriously, where the fuck do you even start with people like this? He hates this country, and flies the flag of traitors and slavers, but he by gum makes sure to pick up his fucking check every month. This guy is an asshole, pure and simple. There is no point in trying to figure out how to "reach" him, because you can't. Awww, the Dummycwats didn't suck his dick good enough, didn't wespect his wittle feewings? Tough shit, grow the fuck up. Time to stop this spork-to-a-gunfight navel-gazing, and start understanding that some of these people will never -- and I mean never -- vote for a Democratic politician, or for someone they perceive or have heard is a "liberal."

There's a paradox at work here. People like Ricky Farnsworth are, quite frankly, devoid of anything worth respecting, beyond basic human dignity. I hope on a basic empathic level that things work out for him, but the reality is that I couldn't care less if they do or not. The things he says and does take him off that particular table. So the paradox is that the concern trolls think that angry liberals shouldn't talk about him disrespectfully; they should instead pretend to respect him and his incoherent nonsense and try to get his vote, even though there's nothing about Farnsworth to merit such respect. He's an angry loser who marinates in a mishmash of conspiracy theories, because he probably hasn't bothered to read a book since he dropped out of eighth grade. He's glad he voted for a preposterous grifter who looks at him as just another sheep to be fleeced.

The other part of the paradox is that I happen to have just enough respect for Ricky Farnsworth to not lie to him about respecting him. There are different levels of respect, and again I respect his right to exist as a free man in a free country, and to pursue his happiness. But respecting his political views? No fucking way. To respect his ignorant jabber is to legitimize that, and we're already down that road. We need to turn back, and it starts by disempowering these fools.

This is all a Democratic politician should say to someone like Ricky Farnsworth: Here are the facts. Here is what I will do if you vote for me. Those are the things we can debate. Stand up on your hind legs, read and listen to something other than conservatard agitprop, and vote accordingly. Or stick with what you have, and enjoy the same absence of coal jobs, but with worse medical insurance and more polluted rivers. Just because they act and react like children doesn't mean you have to talk to them as such. Talk to them like adults and it's on them to catch up.

What Strether mistakes as glee is schadenfreude at worst, but more than anything is simply catharsis, the exhalation of the exhausted. I'll be fifty in a couple of months, and I have watched this idiocy escalate throughout the majority of my adult life. I cannot spend the rest of my fucking life trying to convince imbeciles that two plus two is four -- not six, not orange, not Coal Jebus, but four -- and I'm not going to "compromise" and pretend it's five. Life's too goddamned short, and getting shorter all the time.

If they want to soak up the lies and call it cotton candy, hey, knock yourselves out. They had a clear choice, and opted for door number two, gladly. Okay then, guess they better learn to swim.I've fucking had it with them and their bullshit plaints, and while the Democrats could sure as hell do more than they have to help these folks, again, either they believe in personal responsibility and act on it, or they drown in a sea of bullshit.

Which will be a lot easier, now that they've voted to get rid of all those turble regalations ol' Chocolate Hussein Thunder rammed down their throats, without even buying them a drink first.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me so much of the heat Steve Gilliard used to throw. Keep it up brother.

Heywood J. said...

Thanks, that means a lot. I still miss Steve's righteous anger.