Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Fart of the Deal

The Clowncare fiasco the last couple days should make it clear to everyone that Hair Fuhrer's reputation as a master negotiator rests entirely under that thing on his reduced scalp. As with all things these days, it is clear only to the people who already saw it long ago.

None of the things he promised for two years would be done right away has really even been started. He spent months braying about how much smarter he was than the stoopid generals, and how his secret thirty-day plan to end ISIS was a slam-dunk. Sixty-five days in and you haven't heard a fucking word about ISIS.

Health care reform is even worse -- Thursday's initial failed vote was, like everything with these dipshits, meant to be symbolic, as it was the seventh anniversary of the passage of the ACA. So beyond the failure of Master Negotiator to bring his own party to heel, the plain fact is that these assholes had seven full years to come up with an alternative to the Worst Thing Evar, and all they have is a tax cut for the wealthy barely disguised as a health care plan. Even the inbred diehard cultists aren't quite dumb enough to fall for that, if only because they'll be the first ones affected by it.

The guy has been humping 'murka's leg for nearly four decades now, schmoozing the mediots and conducting his personal life in the NY Post like a textbook jagoff. He's gone from failure to grift to scam with the purposeful élan of someone born to steal, someone who truly believes on a molecular level that it is morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money. His signature move of blustering the marks into buying his sales pitch has proven time and again to be his only move.

The Artist Formerly Known as IOZ observed after the election that he doesn't think that Clownstick "tells untruths instrumentally; he just lives in a collapsed distinction between true and false." I think this is partially correct, but only partially. He clearly lies strategically, and always has; this in turn has habituated him into an apparent mental state where he either doesn't know the difference between fact and lie, or he doesn't care.

Probably both, as again, he appears to observe and use people and things in a transactional manner, rather than an interactional manner. That is, either something is useful to him, in which case he uses it as he sees fit (whether or not it is intended for that use), or he discards it. This is why when he is caught and confronted with a lie, he either ignores it or extends the lie ("I didn't say that.").

This comment from LGM commenter Murc is valuable. In grad school, our first class involved presentations and stake-building and such like, and one component of it was negotiating. One of the things we did in class was play a few hands of poker. I've mentioned this before, but when it comes to games like chess and poker, I am average, slightly above at best, because while both games require strategic thinking (which is my strong suit), they also require patience (which is not my strong suit). Any ability I might have comes strictly from one, to the extent that it masks my shortfall at the other.

Now, let's extrapolate that dynamic to the real world, and to someone like F.V. Clownstick. Not to beat the "rich guy, poor guy" horse any harder, but the fact is that wealth masks deficiencies quite well, at least for a while. So a coddled rich guy like Clownstick, who is impatient by temperament and who thinks strategically only to a minimally transactional extent, has had these deficiencies concealed for seventy years.

And now we can see those deficiencies in how he performs the job he fell into. He has finally been exposed for the schmuck he has always been. We're not picking out another gilt crown molding for a fucking tray ceiling in your 53rd-floor mausoleum, we're trying to figure out how to retain multiple stakeholders with divergent interests. They're not just going to take your word because you keep saying "believe me." They're not dupes for your pretend university or your stupid fucking teevee show. This is real.

People think Clownstick is a master negotiator because he keeps telling them he is, but not a one of them -- including Clownstick himself -- can name a single specific "deal" that distinguishes itself as a piece of brilliance or insight. It's the same weird phenomenon that has people believing he's a great businessman, an alpha tycoon, simply because he played one on reality teevee for a decade.

But he's a weird, paranoid old man who speaks in syllable fragments and drunk-on-a-barstool jabber, rage-tweeting the incontinence of his brain all over the walls of an unsuspecting internets bathroom. That's the reality of it, and this latest public example -- where he literally tried to excuse his failure away by blaming the opposition party for not voting for his nonsense, as if we've all been asleep the past eight years -- simply precedes many more like it, and worse, to come.

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