Saturday, March 18, 2017

First, They Came for the Snowflakes....

It's always interesting to watch assholes like Tim Allen flaunt their "conservative" quals, especially in the context of how persecuted the poor darlings are.

Why, Allen has been kept down so harshly by the lib-nazis in Big Bad Babywood, that despite having not been funny for roughly two decades, and riding his one joke into the ground back while Bill Clinton was getting his pole smoked in the Oval Office, he was given another show in which he can be a low-rent Archie Bunker. Smell the persecution, libtards!

The reason it's interesting is that, as most of us know, Tim Allen Dick did time in Club Fed after getting busted in an airport with over half a key of coke. He got his sentence reduced in exchange for ratting out a bunch of fellow dealers. He's one of those conservatives who sincerely believes that everyone who does what he did ought to get the maximum sentence, while he should be allowed to skate. Mainly he's one of those guys that feels like he should get to keep every dime he earned slaving that one grunt joke, and that commie Kenyan moooslin would just give it all to crack whores.

These people are such punks and crybabies. They support someone who has gone out of his way to insult and deride anyone and everyone, who spent years propagating empty conspiracy theories about the previous president. They talk shit about libtard snowflakes and safe spaces and political correctness. They brag about how they boycott anything with George Clooney or Alec Baldwin or Beyoncé or whoever ruffles their wittle feathers. But when they encounter someone who is sick of hearing that bullshit, and takes issue with it, and tells them to go fuck themselves, they start squealing like stuck pigs about the unfair intolerance of it all.

People got killed in 1930s Germany for who they were, for what they believed and how they worshipped. That time period is not something to be bandied about, especially by some washed-up jerkoff who doesn't seem to know how good he's got it. Look, fucko, you don't know jack shit about what 1930s Germany was like, and you sure as fuck aren't experiencing one thousandth of what the people who actually lived through that era had to deal with, so find another way to inflate your imaginary martyrdom.

You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. Really? So Allen has been punched for being a Clownstick supporter? When? By whom? Were assault charges filed?

Oh, I see -- in typical conservatard style, Allen is wildly exaggerating. By "beat up" he means others have expressed verbal disagreement with him. Why, they might have even raised their voices. Or maybe they didn't invite him to something, thinking perhaps that since he supports shameless assholes, he might be one himself. Horrors! Oh, the incivility of it all, won't someone please think of the children and stop all this nastiness?

Poor Tim Allen Dick is really beside himself about all this intolerance he gets from elite Hollyweird libtards. Hey, you pussy motherfucker, you wanna know why some folks are annoyed with you and your type? Because you try to pretend that you're different somehow from roid-rage shriveled-dick cock-smokers like this fuckface, when the fact is, you support the same exact person as that freak supports, a dipshit teevee clown who's bought and owned by scumbag plutocrats. You're part of the human centipede, and you can fool yourself that that's not shit you're eating with the rest of them, but we can all clearly see and hear and smell what's going on.

But after all that, it's important to point out that unlike the conservatard snowflakes who boycott the Clooneys and Baldwins of the entertainment world, the reason I don't watch Allen's show is not because of his political beliefs. I can give a list of "out" conservatives, from Kelsey Grammer to Nick Searcy, that I'll gladly watch or read or listen to. Talent is talent. Allen's just another "bitchez be shoppin', amirite" comedic hack, and always has been. The only reason his old Tool Time show was watchable was because he had Pam Anderson on as the assistant for the first couple seasons, back when she was fresh off the boat from B.C. and smokin' hot, back before Hollywood told her she wasn't quite pretty enough and fucked her all up.

Comedic hackery is bad enough, but what's unforgivable is that he has to be such a mewling cunt about vocal disagreements. This ain't beanbag, son. Grow a hide or fuck off already. It takes some kind of balls to start up an overtly political teevee show, and then cry about a little pushback.

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