Saturday, April 29, 2017

100 Days of Trollitude

Trying to keep to my semi-pledge of not giving this worthless piece of shit any more oxygen, so let's keep this short:  the only surprise this floater of an administration has contained so far is that the caudillo's defining characteristics are even more pronounced than one might have supposed. I mean, he's been a barnacle on this nation's pocked, bloated ass for over thirty years now, so we knew he was a preening dipshit. We know he's a pissy, ignorant blowhard who can't let the slightest of slights go, and who has never been wrong about anything in his pampered, spoiled waste of a life.

But holy shit, he's the biggest fucking crybaby snowflake imaginable, a nasty little shit throwing a temper tantrum in the supermarket over not getting his favorite cereal. And he's somehow even stupider than one could have supposed, even after decades of brainless nonsense. In just the last few weeks, he's confessed to not knowing that:
  1. Resolving the health care crisis is complicated.
  2. Lincoln was a Republican.
  3. The office that he stinks up turns out to be difficult.
I don't know how you get that fucking dumb, unless you seriously have not cracked a book since high school. There's just no other way around it. And he's too fucking stupid to understand just how fucking stupid he really is. Even Fredo Arbusto knew his limitations, and let more intelligent people handle the heavy lifting, as lousy as it was.

Vichy media attempts to normalize this bullshit serve only to reveal their scriveners as fools themselves. Andrew Jackson was a monster and an asshole, but at least he was competent. the one thing we can retain hope in is that Clownstick is simply too incompetent to do too much damage before (hopefully) enough soi disant libruls manage to get off their asses next year and vote.

In the meantime, we'll get more stupid anthropological exegeses about how the Real 'murkin Clownstick voter still supports their man, even though he's either failed or flubbed every promise so far, or done all of the exact things he rage-tweeted against the Evil Overlord Chocolate Hussein Thunder for three or four years ago. None of those stories will have the guts to say the truth of what needs to be said -- those people are idiots, and it is more important to them to troll their country with an incompetent, incontinent old man than it is to fix the things that are wrong.

May they continue to get everything they voted for, good and hard.

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