Sunday, April 02, 2017

Truth Hurts

It took the DNC long enough to select their chairman post-election, but if this is any indication of how Tom Perez will roll, I like it:
“Women marched all over the world and said: Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values!” Perez said. “That’s what they said. Donald Trump, you didn’t win this election!” If anyone didn’t want to hear this, Perez had an answer: “I don’t care, because they don’t give a s--- about people.”

Hours later, the conservative Daily Caller posted clips of Perez’s remarks for a story that was shared on Facebook more than 18,000 times. Ronna Romney McDaniel, the new chair of the Republican National Committee, demanded an apology for the “dangerous” remarks, snarking that Perez “needs a lesson on how the electoral college works.”
Not sure what the electoral college has to do with Republicans not giving a shit about people, but whatever the case, Ronna Romney McDaniel is entirely welcome to get bent, and then go have a talk with the head of her own party about how he talks about his opponents. Maybe she'll find herself on his 3:00 AM drunk-tweet shit-list. Sad!

Anything that gets these pearl-clutching humps rattled is a step in the right direction. No offense to the late Alan Colmes, but the fact is that part of the reason people have trouble identifying with Democrats and liberals is because of the perception of bloodless, dispassionate, milquetoast commenters thinking that their repository of "facts" and "ideas" will win the day. It's a nice thought but I think we've all figured out the hard way that it just ain't true. You want to motivate people and galvanize a movement, you gotta give 'em a little pepper. Facts have more impact when conveyed with passion and conviction.

That's the real beauty of all this -- the Dems don't even need to stretch or invent anything. They're up against incompetent bozos who would seriously find a way to fuck up a lemonade stand. Great businessman? Ask the working-class dogs he screwed over as part of his revenue bankruptcy model. Great negotiator? The House voted more than fifty times to repeal Obamacare, yet when they finally got the chance to push their own plan, they dumped it right out of the gate. This guy's nothing more than every cheese-dick sales-douche you learned to avoid long ago. If you bought a used car from him, you'd regret it before you got out of the lot.

Bill Clinton, of all people, put it most succinctly: People would rather be strong and wrong than weak and right. That's really all there is to it, and it doesn't necessarily mean the mindless strutting of the Drumpfelthinskin bowel movement. The one thing about Clownstick that merits some respect -- even if he takes it to the most petty, vindictive extreme -- is that he doesn't take shit from anyone. He dishes it out with a backhoe, and won't take back so much as a dirt clod. And it's worked quite well for him.

We may not like it, we may wish that the formation and implementation of public policy colored within established lines, but those days have been over for some time, and you either adapt with the mammals, or get wiped out with the dinosaurs. Every time Tom Perez tells these assholes to go fuck themselves, and their talking heads and media monkeys sputter and fume about it, an angel gets its wings. They can take their fake facts and slanderous bullshit, and go fuck off and die in a fire already.

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