Tuesday, April 04, 2017

He Went to Jared

On a day where Syria gassed dozens of civilians and North Korea launched another missile, let's all pause for a second and recall that El Caudillo Fuckface Von Clownstick has delegated pretty much every major job to his son-in-law, whose sole qualification is that he inherited his business after Chris Christie put his dad in prison.

Here's what is almost certainly an incomplete list:
  • Kushner is in Iraq right now "consulting" with generals on how best to retake Mosul and defeat ISIS (recalling that Clownstick had a secret 30-day plan for that).
  • Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.
  • Diplomatic negotiations with China this weekend, in which the Chinese have made it quite plain that they are simply finding out what the asking price is.
  • Diplomacy with Mexico. Apparently we don't have a State Department anymore, just Tex Drillerson working on Exxon's next deal with the Russians, and Jared handling everything else.
  • Reforming the Veterans Administration's health care system.
  • Reforming the criminal justice system.
  • Bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US. Hey asshole, try starting with the "signature lines" pimped by your wife and your father-in-law.
  • Addressing the US' opioid epidemic. Good luck with that. Here's an idea:  shut down the doctors handing this shit out like candy. That's one way to meet the lobbyists from Big Pharma and shake their tree.
  • Heading the so-called Office of American Innovation, the stated goal of which is to reform and streamline government operations.
Obviously, it's not that the above items don't need to be addressed; in fact, it's the opposite. These are all serious problems that require attention from people with knowledge and expertise. Kushner has no experience or ability with any of these issues, and is at best a dilettante. But the angry cheeto is fat, stupid, and lazy, and therefore has to farm out all of the job duties for which his dipshit fan base anointed him.

Of course, this is just a way to stay hands-on to monetize these areas where possible for the family rackets. China will literally hand over duffel bags stuffed with cash if it reduces American strategic presence in the Pacific theatre, if we leave them alone on Taiwan, Tibet, the South China Sea, Africa, and everywhere else China is expanding their trade empire. The criminal justice and prison systems are well on their way to privatization anyway, it's just a matter of working with the "right" companies to secure and expand, especially if they're publicly traded. Ditto the VA system.

These are just market opportunities. Hell, it wouldn't be a surprise in the least if the Israel-Palestine thing got monetized as well, perhaps with Kushner buying a company that manufactures modular homes, and Netanyahu's government purchasing them to help settlers push Palestinians off their land.

Certainly we have seen our share of shameless politicians and administrations in this country, but never a group so eager to openly emulate the tactics of authoritarian strongmen, from Putin to Erdogan to Hugo Chavez. They're not even bothering to conceal it. Way to go, Drumpfkins. Enjoy watching these dirtbags snuffle boatloads of cash from the trough, while you die all the same in your broke-down home in your broke-ass town.

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