Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bunker Mentality

I get where Steve is coming from with the "recluse movie" bit, but he gives Clownstick way too much credit. If there's a movie that befits his reclusive, insular, impulsive approach to what used to be considered governance, but has now devolved to constant trolling, this is the movie:

I went to a friend's birthday party yesterday, and there were quite a few older conservative folks there, and they do indeed seem to be just fine with Princess Snowflake, for now. Nothing's going to change their minds, not yet anyway. As Ed rightly points out, we're barely a hundred days into this clusterfuck. He struck a chord with these knuckle-dragging apes, and they will need a bit more skull-fuckery and ineptitude to back away from him. Is there any doubt that he'll give it to them in spades?

But it's not going to get any better for him or for them. Snowflake has made it clear that he has no other gear; despite his claims during the campaign that he could be less of an asshole once in office, he is incapable of such a thing. He acts on impulse, thinks he knows everything and actually knows nothing. This is a combination of traits that has only one outcome -- failure.

This asshole is as stupid and corrupt as the day is long, and he may be getting away with some of it for now, but only because the Republicans in Congress will let him do literally anything, as long as they get their fucking tax cuts for their owners. But Snowflake is down to 36% approval (who are these fucking people, anyway?), and again he is incapable of reversing that trend, or of reaching out to his opponents. Once the Goopers understand that he's going to take them down with him, they'll turn on him so fast, it'll knock that fucking thing off his head.

Ordinarily you'd worry about a Reichstag fire, but these assholes wouldn't be able to pull that one off. The old saying about people who could fuck up a two-car funeral is true with these morons.

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