Sunday, May 14, 2017


It is no exaggeration to stipulate that the world would be an objectively better place if it were without these fucking dipshits. They cannot die off quickly enough. Let's cut the "part of our history" shit. I have never been to the south, and don't plan to go. But these delusional motherfuckers aren't fooling anyone but themselves, and it seems like they could find something better to do than getting weird over people who took up arms against their country in order to preserve their ability to own and murder human beings, and plunder their labor. That's all the confederacy was, and the world was a better place the day it was ended. Fuck them, fuck their memories, fuck their empty
rationales, their flag, their sanctimonious bullshit. And fuck their trolling "Russia is our friend" chant too. I'm sure there were Germans in the Waffen SS who fought valiantly for their cause. But it was a dismal cause that deserved to be eradicated as well, and present-day Germans thankfully seem to have enough sense to not engage in these petulant exercises. These crybabies need a better hobby.


bs said...

The burning rhetorical question is: why were there ever statues erected (hu-hu-huh) to fucking traitors in the first place? Officers should have been hanged in the public square, pillories for grunts. Statues then could be put up of hangings and piiloried soldiers. That would be the only acceptable public memorial to Confederate Heritage. Private museums could do whatever they want, and the more ridiculous slaver-praising ones could be shunned & mocked a la Ham's Creationist "museum".
I always fuck up my light side KOTR jedi/Fallout guys, cause i won't do quests or deal with slavers. They die. I lose lightside points/quest xp, but i feel zero regrets and go do quests for non-assholes.

Heywood J. said...

I know what you mean. I play 2-3 campaigns of Civilization 4 throughout the year, and slavery is one of the available options for (generally pre-medieval) governments, as it increases production. I've never used it as an option, even though it's just a game. Principles and all.