Monday, May 22, 2017

Finally Some Good News

Every big game hunter taken down by his prey is a good start. Every one of them should be reincarnated as one of the animals they killed, not for sustenance, but just for the sheer joy of killing. I sincerely hope Theunis Botha gets reincarnated as a leopard or lion, run to exhaustion by a pack of snarling dogs, to either be ripped apart by the dogs or shot by some rich, bored asshole taking a break from molesting children or whatever the fuck these scumbags do with the rest of their awful lives.

Getting crushed by an elephant sounds painful, and I sincerely hope it was. Fuck every last person involved in these things. Go watch one of their videos, read their forums, see their sites, including Botha's where he and his customers pose with all the wondrous creatures they've killed, like it's something to be proud of. They can try to bullshit themselves and each other that they're "helping" with wildlife conservation by culling animals, but to the extent that it ever occurs to be true, it's only because there are too many humans, encroaching everywhere and anywhere, like marauding, insatiable hordes of army ants, devouring all.

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