Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Safe Spaces

Usually picking on Rod Flanders Dreher is Edroso's schtick, so I leave it be, since I know my limitations. But here I find myself actually agreeing with Dreher. This is nonsense all the way down; if I had a kid in college pulling this shit, I'd be heading up there to put them up against a wall and ask politely what the fuck I was paying for.

Look, the civil rights struggles that ruptured this country meant something profound, and still resonate to this day. We see it in (to cite just one example) Mitch Landrieu's efforts to remove confederate monuments and relegate them to the museums where they belong. Slavery was and is a stain on this nation's soul, and some people amazingly remain unwilling to help cleanse that stain, or even to simply acknowledge that it's still there.

But this SJW trigger-warning intersectional bullshit simply debases the genuinely righteous causes people actually fought and were murdered for. I hate trolls as much as the next person, though probably not as much as the trolls hate themselves. But it's this niche nonsense and histrionic, overt sensitivity to mild-to-moderate slights that has automatically set a broad spectrum of people resolutely against them.

It is more than merely political; it is the sense that these hysterical cunts couldn't possibly be relied upon to even maintain the practical, logistical system we will leave to them at some future point. I wouldn't want to drive a car manufactured by one of these assholes, much less on a road made by one of them. They'd have to make sure the asphalt wasn't cis-gendered. It is very difficult to believe that one of these snowflakes could become competent in a practical skill needed by another human being. I can muddle my own artisanal mojitos, thank you very little.

I have no idea why these individuals chose to go to college, either for the greater employability granted by credentialism, or the broadening of the proverbial horizons of knowledge and experience. Used to be you could just tell objectionable people to go fuck themselves, and go on about your business, maybe expect to encounter them here and there and deal accordingly. Mostly this is just sad; these douchebags are in for a rude awakening when they find out that no real-world business will hire them for anything, because they can't do anything.


Brian M said...

Ooohhhhh. You used the term "cunt" as a perjorative. We must CELEBRATE THE CUNT. CELEBRATE IT.

Not TOO MUCH, though. After all, The Vagina Monologues cannot be performed because the play insults women who lack a vagina.

Heywood J. said...

I must be watching too many British series on Netflix lately, they use the c-word with hilarious regularity.

Brian M said...

The sad thing is this kind of special snowflake pleading is now being used by elements of the hard right. (Ultimately, as bad as this shit is, I can't go full on both-siderism on the issues, as the MRA nutcases transcend anything a tattooed gender-fluid college student could ever think of.)

The stuff covered here is just mind blowing.

That's why Strix got mad at me...I was less sympathetic to his flirting with the MRA crowd.

Brian M said...

Not to deny that the rather shrill feminist film festivals that bar men are in themselves quite...silly, but... :)

Heywood J. said...

Oh, I think it's a mistake to decontextualize these types of incidents, or even to equate incidents on the "same" side. For example, the Evergreen College students and the Wonder Woman chicks-only people, while probably similar politically, are not cut from the same cloth. I don't want to create any false equivalences, nor give any "red pill" assholes any fresh excuses to whine.

I thought the Wonder Woman thing was silly as well, and hardly worth noticing, except perhaps to note that sooner or later some MRA twerp is going to have a He Man Woman Haters Club screening of this or that movie (my guess would be the next Suicide Squad movie, so they can all spank one out to Margot Robbie without any live wimmins to judge them). And those on the outside looking in will just have to deal, won't they?

It's part of the back-and-forth of this eternally butt-hurt culture. Everyone needs something to be outraged about. They're like hamsters in Skinner box, tapping the metal plate to get their daily outrage pellet. But again, they're not equivalent.

I get why the women might just want to me left alone from these pestering weirdos, who have chronologically matured to the endless rhythms of online trolling and masturbation, but seem to be emotionally retarded, to the extent that they can't figure why no females want to be around guys who act like whiny third-graders, even if they appear to be 25.

But there is an argument to be made about the rising levels of intimidation and intolerance on college campuses. On the one hand, I don't think Oral Roberts "University" is going to have, say, Bill Maher or Richard Dawkins giving their commencement speech any time soon; on the other, I fail to see the point or use of students ganging up on biology professors, or getting weird about professional trolls like Charles Murray or Ann Coulter appearing at Middlebury or Berkeley.

Not only do they forget the basic principle of at least listening to your opponent before picking their argument apart, but they also forget that colleges and universities these days are, by necessity, profit centers, first and foremost. The university has "provocative" speakers such as Murray or Coulter because they think the controversy will bring in money. Organize a boycott and prove them wrong. Sit in the crowd with heckling t-shirts. Divert them with inane questions that throw them off their game (and it is all just a game).

But rioting and whining never has the result they want it to; it always just makes them look like assholes, and makes Murray and Coulter look like martyrs. They just reinforce the disdain their opponents have for them, and they've learned nothing in the process, except how to stamp their wittle feet.

Brian M said...

Heywood: You sum up the situation in your inimitable way! Kudos, again!