Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chapter and Verse

Esteemed reader thedevilzone points to this interesting poll which might tend to undermine certain catechisms of the Gospel According to Thanksralph!!1!1:

McCain leads both Obama and Clinton in potential general-election match ups with either candidate in the all-important swing state of FloridaAmerica's Syphilletic Wang, according to a Mason-Dixon poll out today.

McCain leads Obama 47%-37% and Clinton 49%-40%. The Arizona senator leads the Democrats across the board. About 80% of Republicans are behind McCain. Only 66% of Democrats are behind Obama and 72% are backing Clinton in one-one-one match-ups with McCain. Currently, 17% of Democrats indicate that in a match up with Obama, they'd support McCain; 16% say so in a match up with Clinton. Seventeen percent of Dems also say they are undecided in a match up with Obama; 13% say so with regard to McCain-Clinton.

Obviously, there are a few questions about the poll results, not even taking methodology (which varies by company) into account. It's March, the Donkles are looking more and more like they're headed to a contentious, brokered convention, and Floridiansinbred Wangeroos have their skidmarked overalls in a wad over how their efforts to move up their primary got tossed.

The primary system is an evil joke anyway, a chorus of "everybody louder than everybody else" assholes all jockeying to Be Special, or they'll boil your bunny or something. (Well, it's Florida, so they'll probably sodomize the poor creature first.) But obviously there's so much more money in protracting this tedious charade, so it's only going to get worse with each quadrennial circle-jerk.

At any rate, should this not belie the heartfelt calls-to-arms with which Teh N8rites are besieged? Of course not, since common sense is anything but, and the N8r h8r premises are based on faulty assumptions (particularly that Nader voters were even going to vote at all, much less vote specifically Democratic). They slap down the "where ya gonna go" faction while genuflecting -- or saying nothing at all -- to the most perfidious of electoral slivers, the "swing" voter.

A "swing" voter in this particular election is either a liar or a fool, and probably a lot of both. Look, the Democratic candidates, whatever their faults, have been very clear that they are repudiating this administration and everything about it. (Whether their actions can be predicted to match their lofty rhetoric is a different point.) McCain has quite openly embraced the current regime, will not only change nothing but promises to continue it, and since he admittedly knows squat about economic policy, is basically going to be Fredo without that coveted Harvard Em Bee Ay.

There is no "swing", there's just self-indulgent assholes who find Hillary Clinton off-putting, and think the ballot box is there to validate their fucking feewings, and thus once again find an excuse to cast their vote out of spite.

Special family fun bonus: because I always enjoy incoherent caterwauling, I thought I'd highlight this gem from the comments at that link (1:26 PM):

To act as if MACAIN would send soldiers like himself off to die and abandon them whatever the history of the dems and repubs being misled by BUSH is against reason .HE WAS IN A NORTH VIETNAMESE PRISON CAMP he knows what its all about sacrifice .OBAMMA says he will attack PACKISTAN AFGANISTAN AND REENTER IRAQ all with out ever fighting in a war rather easy to talk the talk when never knowing the consequnces of your actions little man go to the back of the class and let a hero work things out.MACAIN will surely get dems votes as well as his share of disgusted dems OBAMMA will not get the repubs in the general they stick together look how they still support BUSH 63%

Indeed. One hopes that if "OBAMMA" defeats "MACAIN", cooler heads will prevail and he can be trusted not to attack, um, "PACKISTAN" (which is apparently next to "DUFFELBAGISTAN"). I mean, I guess it's better for illiterate yokels to loudly transcribe the voices in their heads; at least they're taking a break from impregnating their cousins. But if they're to going to invent their own factoids, can it at least not read like a bar scene from My Name Is Earl?


thedevilzone said...

Yeehaw! My second time on the main page! It's like I'm practically a co-blogger now! (So, um, when do the hookers n' blow show up? I assume that's one of the perks?)

But anyway, there's also this to ponder. Moonie Times and all, so take it with an ocean of salt, but still.

I'm sure Lawyers, Guns & Money will have a whole category of posts blasting these selfish traitors, right?


Heywood J. said...

Unfortunately, I have already bogarted this month's supply of hookers 'n' blow, but we re-up with insatiable regularity.

And actually that Moonie Times blurb correlates very closely with what I am hearing anecdotally -- that a lot of self-described Democrats would rather vote for Saint McCain. (In which case, I keep telling them, they are not actually "Democrats", but of course, they don't listen. They never listen to anything but the voices in their own wittle heads.)

Bottom line: HRC is completely out of the coveted "swing" dynamic, which means she will almost have to take Obama as a running mate if she gets the nom. He, otoh, has many options, most likely Jim Webb.

And yeah, I expect at some point at least a grudging acknowledgment from the N8r b8rs that there is more than one electoral sliver that needs to grow the fuck up. But I'm not holding my breath.

thedevilzone said...

I've heard much of the same anecdotal evidence - I recently argued with one relative who was big on the idea that all these racist Democrats would defect to McCain rather than vote for Obama. I laughed it off, but maybe I shouldn't've...

One complaint about this post: you weren't nearly hard enough on Florida.

blackholeofcalcutta said...

i hate to tell you guys, but last tuesday when i voted, in the town i live in, at the caucus, if i had caucus'ed for obama, i would have been the only one on that side of the room ---- oh besides the 2 dimwitted women who were there to caucus for mccain. truly, it is scary how many goofball people out there who are less mysigonistic than racist. I am so sorry to have had to admit this in front of people other than those in the room.