Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fuck Fred Phelps, Part 47,893

It's bad enough when some small-town asshole snaps and clubs his wife and young children to death like it ain't no thing:

Funeral services have been scheduled for this weekend for the six members of the Sueppel family, killed in a murder-suicide by the father, who had been facing embezzlement charges.


Steven Sueppel apparently beat his family to death with a baseball bat late Sunday or early Monday before driving the family minivan into a concrete pillar along Interstate 80 and killing himself.

But then the pond scum known as the Westboro BastardBaptist Church crawl out from under their rock to capitalize on this ugly situation.

The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., known for picketing funerals in protest of homosexuality, said in a news release that "God sent the shooter" to the Sueppel home as punishment for Iowa's sins, and that it would picket their funeral in a "respectful, lawful" manner.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Troy Kelsay said he thinks the group is attracted to the event because of Iowa City's "liberal stance" toward homosexuals and the media attention surrounding the Sueppel deaths, and that police would work to limit any intrusion upon the funeral. The best response is to ignore the group, Kelsay said.

Actually, I think the best response would be to wait until the next "service" in this cult of soulless freaks, bar the doors, and torch their outhouse of a "church". Failing that, hopefully every godless fag out there is counting the days 'til Ole Fred's overdue and hopefully excruciating death, when they commence with endless rounds of buttfucking and such on the old bastard's grave, until the grass is completely torn up and the dirt glazed and turned to mud with homo-chowder.

Hell, these inbred retards can't even get their fundamentalist hate right. There was no "shooter", assholes; the guy beat his children to death with a baseball bat, which means that the Phelps' evil, spiteful deity is as gratuitously cruel as they are.

Die already, you vile morons.


thedevilzone said...

Did you ever see that episode of Michael Moore's short-lived tv show, The Awful Truth, where he loaded up a hot pink bus of flamboyantly gay guys (The Sodomobile) and went off to Shithouse Falls, U.S.A. to confront Fred and crew? Good stuff.

r@d@r said...

if there were ever an example of carl jung's theory of the shadow, the phelps family truly is an outstanding one.

the good news about the phelps family and all their friends is that they are a small cult, and that everyone finds them loathsome.

wouldn't it be nice if somebody filled up some condoms with the following recipe, and tied them off as projectile balloons, for the purpose of greeting them:

1 package plain (uncolored) gelatin
6 egg whites
2 tbsp. thai fish sauce
1 tsp. bleach
1 pkg. trojan magnums

cook gelatin and then chill as per instructions. gently stir into egg whites, then fish sauce, then bleach, avoiding undue whitening. using a funnel or a turkey baster, fill each condom to make a hand grenade sized balloon, and tie off. let sit at room temperature for at least six hours. hurl.

recipe may be multiplied proportionally.

woodguy said...

These people are truly vile. The police should "limit any intrusion upon the funeral" by exterminating all of them and their spawn like the parasites they are before they can reproduce any more retarded scum.

Heywood J. said...

I vaguely recall that Awful Truth episode. It would be cool if some gay activist group would just follow the Phelptards around for a while. Eventually they'd, um, crack. I always assume that anyone that obsessed with Teh Gay is a closet case, so I doubt they'd last too long with constant exposure to buttless chaps.

And yeah, it's the ultimate irony that these clowns are allowed to continue only because the rest of the nation has a live-and-let-live attitude about their bullshit. But if it was a dirty stinking hippie stirring up anti-war sentiments at military funerals (not suggesting they should), the outcry would be enormous.

Ignorance said...

I will never understand how debased monsters like Phelps think, and in that respect Ignorance is bliss.

On the bright side when these assholes all die in horrific, unnatural ways the inevitable throngs of protesters carrying signs saying 'God's Judgement' and 'Serves you right!' will be comfortingly familiar to their next of kin.

Seriously, claiming that psychotic breaks and premeditated murder are God's favoured medium of communication with his children is kind of asking for it.

God needs to speak with the wayward sheep of WBC.