Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Can Haz Dummycrats?

For what it's worth, it seems highly doubtful that these numbers will hold -- or are even fundamentally true.

Clinton supporters appear to be somewhat more reactive than Obama supporters. Twenty-eight percent of the former indicate that if Clinton is not the nominee -- and Obama is -- they would support McCain. That compares to 19% of Obama supporters who would support McCain if Obama is not the nominee -- and Clinton is.

But allowing for the likelihood that there is at least some truth to this, it behooves every faithful Dem with their god-bothering Thanksralph! plaint these past seven-plus years to keep each other in check now. Because scarcely a month after announcing his tilt at the windmill, Nader is all but forgotten. He will not remotely be a factor in any state. But even a vote for Nader would at least be a direct expression of principle. I have no idea what the hell a Clinton or Obama supporter going for McCain is thinking about anything. It is literally the dumbest fucking thing they could do, politically, intellectually.

The perfidious dipshits who plan on stamping their wittle feet if they don't get their preferred nom are invited to kindly go fuck themselves for a good long time. Anybody who claims to hate this war, to be tired of the malicious incompetence and indifference of the current junta, to desire improvement in practically every quality-of-life factor, cannot be an actual Democrat and then decide to vote for John McCain. Period. No exceptions. You have abdicated your responsibility to pay attention, and thus your right to be part of a rational debate.

McCain has made it clear that he is Bush without the MBA, Cheney with a couple of borscht-belt zingers. And to his credit, he has been quite upfront about all that. So there's no excuse for any of this "McCain Democrat" horseshit. It couldn't be any clearer. I cringe at the idea of another eight or even four years of the Clintons and their tedious games of triangulation and gutless parodies of idealism. And as well-intentioned as Obama appears to be, he needs to acquire some brawling skills if he's going to survive the big boys' game.

And really, neither Democrat is going to "fix" or "change" all that much, because Americans haven't quite hit rock-bottom enough to get their heads out of their asses. They still think someone can come along and return things to what they were. Eight years of magical thinking and brain-dead stupidity can have that collective effect.

But neither Clinton nor Obama, whatever their respective weaknesses, is nearly as likely to continue digging this hole and servicing the clump of superstitious goons that holds this country in political and intellectual stasis, whereas McCain has made it abundantly clear that he'd be perfectly happy to do exactly that. You want Fred Thompson on the Supreme Court and Chuck Norris for Secretary of Defense, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Secretary of State, then McCain's probably your guy. Cartoon people for a cartoon agenda.

Otherwise, these self-indulgent idiots need to grow the fuck up and pay attention to what each candidate actually stands for, not what you wish they stood for. The problem with democracy, American democracy in particular, is that too many individuals are under the impression their vote is some sort of idealized affirmation of how they see themselves, rather than a response to how things are, and how issues can be addressed.


thedevilzone said...

I've been paying attention, and honestly, I can't tell what, if anything, Hillary stands for when she's willing to take Scaife's help to try and keep the Obama/Wright controversy going.

Well, actually, I can think of something she stands for, but it's not all that flattering...

dizzy blond said...

I do not know how I found your blog, but this is the articulate way to say what I feel.
Thank you for your words and inspiration.

I think Obama can and will.......and I will be happy never hearing from Bill or Hill again.

Heywood J. said...


You're right, it's an incredible sign of desperation, and a willingness to stoop to no end, that she'd break bread with the guy who propagated the myth that she was fucking Vince Foster and then had him whacked. Just so she can ratfuck Obama a little more on the Jeremiad Wright thing, after it's already played out. Brilliant strategery there.

I think she's hedging her bets, knowing that she gets nothing in an Obama administration, but if she poisons the well and helps McCain out, he might throw helpful Dems like her and McCain a bone. I honestly can't think of any other reason for some of the things she's done and said.

And I wonder how many future "McCain Democrats" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) are proud Thanksralphers? Probably more than a sane person could stomach, and hopefully every Thanksralpher that votes for Saint John ends up in a cardboard box, living on cat food while their young relatives are fighting in Iran and/or Syria. Fuck 'em.

In the meantime, I do (barely) still get the cynical notion of many Clintonistas that their gal is just saying what she's gotta say to get in the door, and then off come the gloves. It probably makes a bit more sense if you're reeeaaally fuckin' high.

thedevilzone said...

Well, one of those Clintonistas is BartCop, whom I actually haven't read in a looong time for that very reason - the All Hillary, All The Time obsession was too much to stomach.

But I had to see how he was defending this one, so I checked it out. This was the weirdest part:

And who thinks this is the first time Bill and Hillary have met with the bastard who financed
that "Trooper-gate" fraud that the whore press ate with a Texas-sized spoon?

I have no idea why, but during Bill's two terms, the White House needed new china
and apparently nobody but Scaife was willing to pony up the dough for that new china,
so Scaife did and Bill and Hillary invited Scaife to a White House dinner to say thanks.

To some, that's a classy way to treat some soulless bastard who cheated to try to defeat you.
To others, it's the ultimate betrayal that can never be forgiven.

I've never heard that one before - what the fuck? The Presidential salary isn't enough to buy new china? They couldn't get some from anyone but Scaife?

But even if that's true - what does it have to do with her using his paper to flog a non-story like this? And why would anyone feel optimistic over what would appear to be a clear example of how the elites play by entirely different rules than the rest of us? We're supposed to see such stark differences between supposed mortal enemies, but they shrug it off with no hard feelings when bidness needs doing? Man, I feel inspired. I'm sure she'd never sell out any progressive agenda faster than her husband ever did, perish the thought! She'll fight like a tiger for us, except when she won't!

Anyway, that's just bizarre. But the bitter, salty tears of desperation from Hillary fans do taste sweet.

As for the Thanksralphers, I was initially struck by those numbers from Florida, where, as we both know, 200K of registered Dems decided Regular Joe Bush (just like you, only obscenely rich!) was preferable to Knowitall Gore, so it didn't shock me to think that they could still be just as stupid now.

Ron said...

BartCop is still on the Hillary tip? Jesus, I thought he'd have given that up long ago, like, South Carolina or something. Some people cannot stand to be wrong when so much of their soul is invested in their ability to pick the right horse. Got a few friends like that. Pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, inspiring, articulate, and appropriately filthy... as always, THANK YOU.