Monday, March 03, 2008

They Ask Questions

Russia bothers to hold elections for many of the same reasons we bother to hold elections -- to consolidate power and legitimize predation; to apportion favors back to corporations who underwrite both sides; to debase the commentary into endless horserace coverage; to whip up incoherent nationalism at useful intervals. The Russians are just less circumspect about such things. They don't waste time with feelgood bullshit about "change"; change comes at the end of either a gun or a bottle of vodka.


Marius said...

Read this and weep.

Time to change the motto on your title bar to "He's our guy."

thedevilzone said...

Slightly off-topic, but I'm confused here: looks like a significant percentage of Florida Donks say they would support McCain over Obama or Clinton. This would appear similar to the 2000 election in which 200,000 of them directly voted for Bush. So my question is - how can we thanskralph! for this? There has to be a way.

Heywood J. said...


That's a great article; too bad it will pass entirely unmentioned in the MSM's commentary. There is really no place in the world where these people haven't stuck their thumbs and completely fucked the dog in the process.

Heywood J. said...


There are too many statistically outlying factors to where I would give that poll much credence, esp. at this early (though it doesn't seem so) stage.

Judging from some of the somewhat more coherent comments there (few that they are), it sounds like some folks is a mite butt-hurt that they got slapped down on holding their primary early. Hell, let's just have all the next ones in fucking January of 2011, so's no one has to cry about it for the ensuing year. Christ, why does that accursed state not slide into the Sargasso Sea already?

Still, your point is exactly right -- whither the Thanksralph!!1!1 whingers on this one? Always the ponderous, sneering lecture for the N8rites, never a word against the true apostates, mainly because they're larger enough in number to be coveted as a demographic sliver to poach.