Thursday, March 06, 2008

Character Issues

What Marshall said. Look, if that fat fuck Russert can piss away time pompously "reading into the record" unsolicited praise from someone Obama has never met and has openly and repeatedly repudiated (instead of talking about jobs and trade and foreclosures in, you know, Cleveland), why can no one find the sack enough to ask Straight Talk about this fucking weirdo Hagee? Especially since Hagee is probably only a news cycle away from being photographed either with his cock in a purse dog, or someone else's cock lodged in one of his orifices.

I've said this before, but like most things, it bears repeating: I personally became fed-up with Straight Talk after he not only let the Bushies get clean away with calumniating his "black love child" (that would be his daughter Michelle, whom he adopted from one of Mother Teresa's orphanages in Bangladesh), but continued to snuggle up ever closer to these fuckers. And now he's finally one of them, formally invited to kiss Fredo's ring yesterday, breaking him in a way even Charlie hadn't.

Say what you will about the Clintons, but there's no way in hell they would ever let anyone get away with that sort of smear at their daughter. There's an awful lot of empty talk about "character" and such, and I am really at a loss to figure out what sort of man allows his child to be treated so shabbily. By his fucking friends, no less. Politics ain't beanbag, but it ain't that, either.


woodguy said...

I'm in complete agreement. Given, Mr. Potato Head is a bumbling idiot and has all but given McCantankerous a co-hosting role on MTP, but will someone, for the sake of the country, tell Democrats that do appear on his Sunday circle jerk to take full advantage of this sort of guilt by association line of questioning?

On every TV show, in every interview, no matter what the forum, Democrats should by tying McCantankerous to Shrub and every other charlatan that the right wing worships like Ahab to the mast. I'd like to see photographic backdrops at every Democratic forum of Shrub and his new BFF in a bear hug. I'd like to see Hagee and his hate-filled screeds run end to end with his endorsement of the professional POW. Make him explain how he can embrace such a vile despicable moron.God knows the material's out there.

The Democrats should take a lesson out of the Dean playbook (latest edition). Lately, anyway, Dean is like an attack dog--straight to the point and goes right in for the kill without being distracted by the dog biscuits, minutiae and crumbs thrown out by the likes of Potato Head and Tweety. I saw him on Tweety's show earlier in the week and I think on Scarborough (Iknow, sometimes I weaken) and he would have none of the BS. Delivered his message with no apology or equivocation. As Howard Kosell said, "He would not be denied!" Why can't other Democrats learn from this?

Sorry about the rant. I'm mad, dammit. This may be the last chance we have to turn the tide on the sorry mess we're in and if the Democrats blow it AGAIN, well, I don't know what.

I feel much better now.

Heywood J. said...

Rant away, it's cathartic. And this is all right on the money; your point that if the Dems are going to pull this out, it will be because of Dean's ability to act as a pit bull for his party, something that completely escapes one of the prospective nominees.

Seems like virtually everyone Straight Talk rolls with is an opportunist and/or a moron -- including Saint Hillary. It's not a coincidence, it's a pattern.