Monday, September 22, 2008

Now He Tells Us

I so enjoyed the latest nugget of EmBeeAyyy profundity to bounce from Himself's nether regions, I had to make it the new tagline (header line, whatever it's called):

It turns out that there's a lot of interlinks throughout the financial system.

Duuuude. Fuuuuck. I mean, dude, really? Are ya fuckin' sure about that one, the heretofore undetected interdependence among the diseased strata of corporate bookies and the paper-swapping monetary system? Yeah. "It turns out." Awesome. There has to be some point in his misbegotten life when Fredo went to a county fair and lost to a tic-tac-toe-playing chicken. But to be fair, the chicken's coke habit probably wasn't as bad.

More brilliance:

At first I thought we could deal with this -- deal with the problem one issue at a time. We made the decision on Fannie and Freddie because there was systemic risk to our mortgage markets. And then obviously AIG came along -- and Lehman came along and it was -- it declared bankruptcy; then AIG came along and it -- the house of cards was much bigger, beyond -- started to stretch beyond just Wall Street, in the sense of the effects of failure. And so when one card started to go, we were worried about the whole deck going down, and so therefore moved, and moved hard.

Seriously, it's like he's stoned, except not quite as coherent. He's basically tripping out on his fingers, man, have you ever thought about how no two fingerprints are alike, dude? He's lost like a wayward toddler at an Orange County galleria. I suppose golden parachutes require golden showers, but damn, he clearly didn't even bother to skim the bullet points of the executive summary.

This guy shouldn't be trusted with a child's piggy bank, and he wanted to put Social Security in the hands of these goons. The Democrats will really have to put in the extra effort to fuck this one up.

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freq flag said...

Heh-huh-huh. He said "hard."