Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin Truth Watch

I imagine you're as sick of reading and hearing about this dingbat as I am of writing and talking about her, but seriously, I cannot think of even one (1) thing she or McCain has said that has turned out to be even partially true. They're even overcounting their "crowds", and falsely attributing it to unwitting fire marshals.

Is that really even her family, or are they on loan from central casting? Was she ever really the governor of Alaska, or the mayor of Buttfuck, Alaska? Seriously, people, I'm starting to wonder if Sarah Palin has actually ever been to Alaska, or if it was just another refueling stop en route to the desolate Aleutian atoll that passes for her fevered, résumé-padding imagination.

My friends, that sum total of pure lies and the utter absence of a single true or substantive thing, that is desperation you can believe in. It's time to stick a fork in these lying assholes, and pimp-slap the next newbie cultist that proclaims, "I really like her!", because they think they're voting for a wacky new neighbor. Well, common sense, which is what these simps think they rely on, usually dictates that people who constantly lie and exaggerate about themselves are catastrophic when it comes to putting them in charge of anything important. Like, you know, your lives, your health care, job prospects, local/regional/national economy, social/foreign/energy policy, that sort of thing.

So shout it from the rooftops already -- she and Ol' Granddad are pathological liars. Call it what it is.

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daver said...


C'est ca exactment.

Hope it catches on.

(McCain makes a good Archie too).