Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hello Mutter, Hello Fodder

I've spent months beating into the ground the fish-in-a-barrel meme that Donald Trump's fan base is dumber than a box of rocks. And they are; that assessment has not (will not, cannot) change(d).

But as stupid as they are, they at least have the excuse of lifelong indifference, of being victims of a consumerist, star-fucking quasi-culture that rewards -- or at least refuses to punish -- the dumb and untalented. In that context, it makes sense that there would be a number of people who would be gulled by a professional smartass that has clogged their teevee sets off and on for several decades.

There is no longer a cultural mechanism that identifies and weeds out idiots and preening dipshits; indeed, they all seem to have their own shows. So it's galling, but not completely surprising, that a serially failed "businessman," whose main product is pretending to fire people who don't actually work for him, is hailed as an eminently successful genius. Sure, and the Kardashian sisters don't have any STDs.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has no such excuse. This is someone who for twenty-five years and counting has spun a narrative of organized, systematic persecution, most of it absolutely true. HRC has spent most of her time in the public eye embodying the classic phrase "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone's not really out to get you".

And yet she has an almost savant-like knack for unforced errors. What possible reason could she have for moving classified documents from a SIPRNet server to non-classified status on her NIPRNet? And there is no way she nor her staff could possibly be ignorant of this issue. The .mil link above, which took about fifteen seconds to find, makes that abundantly clear:
Linking a computer with access to the SIPRNet to the Internet or to any other computer or media storage device that has not been approved for use with SECRET information is a serious security violation. Once any media storage device such as a CD or thumb drive has been connected to a computer with access to the SIPRNet, it becomes classified at the SECRET level. It must be protected accordingly and shall not be used on any unclassified computer.
HRC's whole campaign has been nothing but a sore reminder of everything I despised about Bill Clinton's years in the White House -- the oleaginous, transparent insincerity; the excuses for every dumb thing; the constant refrain of persecution without so much as a drop of reflection of how one can prevent it.

Was it dumb to impeach Bill Clinton for getting a blowjob or several in the Oval Office? Sure. But how fucking dumb is it for the President of the United States to get blowjobs from an intern, and seriously think no one will ever find out, that people will just ignore it when they inevitably find out? Setting aside inane issues of "sexual morality," the real problem is that it bespeaks a profound lack of basic judgment and discretion, things which most people might think are useful in a national leader.

Republicans seem for the most part to at least be savvy enough to recognize their usual attacks of "comm'nist librul" for Democratic candidates will not work this time around on HRC. Fortunately for them, they don't need that line of attack this time around. She is not and never has been a true liberal, but rather a Nixon Republican, and has inherited that man's penchant for secrecy, for assuming that one's actions are and should be unaccountable to lesser mortals. This has been demonstrated time and again over the years. Even on the rare occasions when she proffers a concrete stance on an issue, it is impossible to reliably gauge how sincere she is about it.

This was already going to be a monumentally ugly election summer, as the nominees roll out to be HRC versus whatever shitbird on the other side survives that horror show. Go ahead and laugh at Trump or Cruz or the rest of the roster. In a rational world, in a sane nation, they would indeed be unelectable, simply because the law of averages would stipulate that the other party would at least put up a candidate that could slam-dunk a blowhard like Trump, or a smarmy asshole like Cruz.

Instead, the Dummycrats decide that it's HRC's turn, with all the baggage we knew of, and always one thing more. We keep hearing how whip-smart she and her staff are, and yet they seem to go out of their way to step on their collective dicks time and again. And that's what makes it possible for the bozos to get in -- it's just exhausting trying to keep up with parsing the nuances of the Clintons' fucking excuses for every goddamn thing. Why is this the best that the Democratic Party can do?

I have no illusions about whether HRC will do anything to help the working class, as opposed to simply being slightly less harmful to them. And with reproductive rights being systematically eviscerated at the state level regardless, the plaints of "Supreme Court" and "Roe v. Wade" ring ever more hollow. With a lunatic Republican Congress, a Democratic President will be lucky to get another Anthony Kennedy fence-sitting shithead in there, much less Barry O or Billy C.

So now the self-styled "realists" are sharpening their crayons, the better to spend their summers Nader-baiting Sanders supporters on how UNELECTABLE he is. YOUR CHILDISH PURISM WILL DOOM US ALL, they will lecture solemnly, as they continue to insist that this venal fool, this person who appears to be stupidly corrupt at a molecular level, is OUR ONLY HOPE.

I'm actually wondering if they're trying to convince us or themselves of that.

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