Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trump and Trumper

You know, as much fun as it would be to watch Trumpalin blow up what's left of the GOP and defecate on the ruins, maybe it's time the grisly mama went home and took care of her kids, at least the ones who are still young enough to steer clear of their two oldest siblings' paths.

Nah, we're stuck with the fun, whether we want it or not. Might as well make the most of the tossed word salad.

It should be clear with every mention just who exactly these maroons represent -- other maroons. After letting her neglected "web channel" die of neglect (sure hope someone's back at the ranch making sure the younger Palins are getting fed), Miss Thang landed a gig at something called One America News Network. It does not require a particular gift for deconstructing agitprop code for that moniker to ring familiar bells.

What your dumbshit Trump/Palin acolyte needs more than anything else is constant reassurance that despite losing the last two elections -- neither of them especially close, and 2008 was the biggest landslide in a quarter-century -- the majority of Americans agree with them.

By the transitive properties of late-stage conservatard dementia, that would not only validate every fever dream they've been spouting like a sidewalk preacher (Obammy is a Kenyan commie moooslim because we say he is), it would confer upon them the right -- hell, the moral obligation -- to smite the infidels in their midst. Remember how, despite barely managing to steal both elections, the Cheney regime made sure everyone knew that they intended to govern as if they had received 100% of the vote? That's the mentality of these knuckle-dragging mutants.

Seen in that light, it makes sense to for them call their agitprop nonsense "One America News". That instantly creates the desired polarization of "me 100% right, you 100% wrong, and un-'murkin to boot". "We are telling you the dangerous truths that they want to keep from you. Do not trust anyone who doubts or denies these truths, they are trying to fool you."

I mean, this is exactly how cults work -- redefine common terms and concepts to suit your agenda, isolate the marks from outside influences, and pump 'em as full of shit as fast as they can stomach it.

Speaking of cults, let's stop talking about evangelicals like they're something special or noble or morally upright. I guarantee you that ninety-nine percent of the self-professed "evangelicals" supporting Trump are adherents of the "prosperity gospel," the most recent in a too-long history of religious rackets in this country of spirit-addled ninnies. I don't know exactly how much or how selectively you need to squint at the New Testament to decide that Jesus wanted more than anything for all of us to achieve maximum possible material wealth, but you can bet that it closely jibes with how these bumpkins felt they deserved it even before they found the right megachurch.

The genius move on the part of those preachers is that, understanding that affirmation was the product their customers craved to buy, and would pay just about any price for it, they crafted the product as a repeat consumable, something to be bought regularly, like toilet paper.

"[Trump] is the only one who can pull us back from the abyss." What the fuck is wrong with these people? How can a sentient being so quickly forget the dumpster fire that Obama inherited from Fredo and Dickcheese? How can anyone ignore that Obama has had zero cooperation from Congress on anything since 2010? They voted down a job bill for veterans.

I sincerely wish there was a way that these assholes could get what they want, and what they truly deserve, without the rest of us having to share the consequences. If Trump somehow gets in, and that "abyss" asshole ends up living on cat food, I will be sure to track his dumb ass down and remind him that he got what he asked for.

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bs said...

Awww, they really shoulda called the network "One Nation America Network", shortened to ONAN!