Saturday, January 23, 2016

Putting the "Fun" in "Fundraising"

If you have a few shekels to spare this tax season, you should throw some at Jim Wright. He's been knocking some solid stuff for quite some time, and appears to make a hell of an artisanal birch salad bowl. You could also donate to Strix's efforts (though I don't see a PayPal link, so maybe not. Or Ed. Or any number of fine folks.

If you want to contribute to my random rambunctions and profane ruminations, the best way is actually to purchase something through my Amazon store pages (upper right sidebar).

All of this is strictly voluntary, of course. I think we all write because we have no other choice. This is how we all deal with the craziness of our times. If any of us were in it for "the money" we'd be fighting for space on a very crowded sidewalk.

It's just beer money. But it's good to know you're out there, that we're not just pissing in the wind. If you can't afford to give money, then just give a shout-out in comments.

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