Saturday, January 23, 2016

This Week In "Stupid People With Guns"

We've already heard about Track Palin and his Obama-induced PTSD. But here's another one that won't surprise you in the least:

RENTON, Wash. - A 40-year-old woman was seriously injured Thursday when she was shot in the chest inside a Renton movie theater, police said.

The shooting happened at around 8 p.m. at a movie theater at the The Landing in Renton during a showing of the film "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi."

"It got about 15-20 minutes into the film and I believe the lady in front of us that got shot was actually talking to her husband or significant other and that's when we heard the loud pop," said one witness, who did not want to be identified. He was sitting 3 or 4 rows behind the man when the gun went off.
Just as witnesses realized it was a shooting, they saw the man make his way toward a nearby exit.
"We saw the lady, she was laying on the bench with a shot in her upper chest," a witness said.
Renton police believe the shooter may have been intoxicated at the time.
Police say the shooter's father called 911 Thursday night from his Newcastle home and told dispatchers his son was distraught and told him that he dropped his gun at a Renton movie theater and it discharged.
The 29-year-old suspect, who has not been identified, was booked into the King County jail on charges of investigation of felony assault.

Or this one:

A 27-year-old was in jail charged with murder Saturday after he allegedly shot and killed a Good Samaritan who tried to help him when he was stuck in the snow in North Carolina, police said.

Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid said the suspect's car slid off the road and got stuck in snow outside Charlotte, on Friday.

Some people who were passing by stopped to help. Reid said that the group believed there was something wrong with the man, so they said they were going to call the police.

The suspect, identified as Marvin Lee, then jumped out of the car with a pistol and allegedly opened fire, Reid said.

"He shoots and hits one of them," Reid said, adding that the victim fell to the ground.

After that "he walks over and fires multiple shots into him," Reid added.

Here's how all three of these instances will go down:
  1. Track Palin will get out of jail and promise to clean up his act, and be allowed to keep his gun(s).
  2. The movie theater idiot in Washington will get his felony dropped to a misdemeanor because it was an "accident," and he might get a month in jail and some probation time, but be allowed to keep his gun(s).
  3. The North Carolina asshole will plead insanity, and probably not get away with it. However, at no point will anyone ask how a supposedly insane person got a gun so easily.
I have no proposals or suggestions. I do not know how to solve this problem. I simply think that when some fool misuses a firearm, it needs to be put out there as a reminder. The Second Amendment's biggest flaw is not its ambiguous wording, nor the intellectually dishonest interpretations of it. It's that it assumes equal competence and good intention of everyone, and people who live in the real world know that that just isn't true.

[Update 1/24/16 1:30 PST:  Here's a fun bonus story, courtesy of Mississippi, in which a gun-shop owner and his 17-year-old son were murdered in the shop by a father-son pair of angry customers (who were both wounded as well). Apparently this was all over a $25 service charge (probably a deposit toward the total, as is customary with most repair shops) for a firearm that had not yet been repaired. Assuming they survive, the killers can contemplate the cost-benefit analysis as they fend off their cellmates for the next twenty years or so.]

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