Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Shameless Skullfuckery

Via Atrios, we see an item in Joe Scarborough's PMSNBC blog that can best be described as fellatio in print. Usually this sort of stuff requires someone with a well-practiced throat, like Peggy Noonan or David Brooks. But Scarborough scarfs the sausage like a seasoned pro.

Here comes the money shot:

What do these terrorists take Bush for? An Italian PM?

He will not be blackmailed. He will not give in. In fact, he will only be helped by further terror attacks and civilian murders.

With every new terror strike, George W. Bush only grows stronger.

His enemies are vanquished. Michael Moore and the New York Times editorial page are historically irrelevant. The Democratic Party is in disarray. George Soros is busy planning ways to waste millions of his fortune on Hillary's 2008 loss.

The terrorists may still be killing a handful of Iraqi civilians. But all they are doing is strengthening their enemies in the United States and all of Iraq.

Surely Joe realizes that what he's doing here is still illegal in most of Scarborough Country. Still, he deserves credit for treating his erstwhile independent streak like just another gag reflex. Oh, you are so hired, baby! Just don't kiss anyone till you wipe off your face.

While we're in cheap-shot mode, let's remind everyone about Joe's mysterious intern misadventures a few years ago. Sort of like Gary Condit, except without all the messy liberal media coverage. How con-veeen-ient.


Craig Heath said...

Ah, but does he swallow?

Pity is, he's right about Bush being made stronger. But of course, that's only because 51% of us seem to like playing "cum catcher".

Batter up!

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