Monday, April 11, 2005

MBA: Millions of Broke Americans

Moon of Alabama makes a damn good point here, one that has floated around the periphery of this administration since the get-go.

The second-term Required Courses in the Harvard MBA program includes

Business, Government, and the International Economy (BGIE)

This course introduces tools for studying the economic environment of business to help managers understand the implications for their companies.

Students will learn the impact of: National income and balance of payment accounting; Exchange rate theory; Political regimes

An examination of both the gains and problems arising from regional global integration covers: International trade; Foreign direct investment; Portfolio capital; Global environmental issues

That sounds like an awful lot of econo-speak to me. Heritage's Beach thinks that's not "a language he understands". Thereby Beach doubts the value of Bush's MBA degree?

No doubt it's not the particular inference Beach (or Bush, for that matter) was hoping for, but it's the most sensible one. What does any business owner look at -- whether or not he has a degree -- when assessing a person or situation in the context of competence, innovation, and reliable stewardship? Well, unless he's just an idiot corporate plunderer, he looks at two things right away: past record, and current results.

So ask yourself, if you were a small business owner, would you hire George W. Bush to mind the store for you, or would you not trust him with anything more complicated than a broom? Every innovation he's attempted has either been a failure or an outright lie, and as for competence, all you have to do is read Bush's own sales pitch for Social Security "reform". Res ipsa loquitur and shit.

If Bush really has a Harvard MBA, they need to tighten up their program standards. What the fuck was his master's thesis on, brush clearin'? Hard work done by good people? Keeping the economy functioning while working people pay three bucks a gallon?

It's a good thing he's not worried about history's assessment of him, because unlike Nixon (who at least was intelligent), it will not be kind.

[via Atrios]


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