Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And The Winner Of The Blame Game Is....

Awful large of the Boy Blunder to fess up to dropping the ball, a mere two weeks after he showed us all that he plays git-tar the same way he preznits -- he mugs and fakes his way through it.

I'm sure his faithful window-licker base thinks it's the George Washington myth all over again, unable to lie about chopping down the cherry tree. At least we can assume that Washington apocryphally told the truth because he had character, not because he had Tweety Matthews leading the brigade of 800 cable news wonks halfway up his ass with a microscope, documenting every lie and nervous twitch, every jot and tittle, every nuanced catch-phrase repeated ad nauseam.

No doubt Harvard figgers he dodged hisself a bullet by ending the blame game. But objectively, his admission basically puts the onus on him now to explain why he and his minions first had to spend two weeks disparaging all the critics before admitting what the entire world saw and knew full well by August 29th.


Anonymous said...

When politics was still a relevant term in this country, the phrase "I assume responsibility" for a huge mistake means usually that you submit your resignation. In better worlds, you'd be investigated, or even jailed, for such failures of leadership. Fucked up as he was, Nixon had the balls (or is it maybe the spine?) to "take responsibility" for his screwup in the only sense that matters.

But in the days of the 'Integritude' Misadministration, taking responsibility means that, for once, you accept that a mistake has been made. You do not, however, accept what that entails. Ergo, you keep warming the seat you're into. The thought of going and making place for someone else, better qualified, never crosses their minds. Their vile lips just mutter the string of sounds, "I take responsibility"--nothing more. Donnie Rumsfeld "took responsibility" for Abu Ghraib, but I haven't seen him leaving the Pentagon. Preznit Lawn Ornament brought himself to say the magic words, but that's about all you can expect him to do.

Well, we have no goddamn use for a meaningless phrase. Be a man and assume responsibility in the only sense that matters: leave!

But what the hell is this inert people doing these days? Why don't they ask GameBoy and his cronies to make good on this phrase?

Craig Heath said...

But what the hell is this inert people doing these days? Why don't they ask GameBoy and his cronies to make good on this phrase?

Well, here's my request:

Mr. President, do the honorable thing. Seppuku. I'll be your second.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Craig. Someone should tell these guys that Wusthof does real nice knives. Tempered German steel; they're a beauty.

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