Friday, September 23, 2005

Role Models

Kate Moss doesn't owe me an apology, nor does she owe you one. Her "fans" -- if indeed there are any -- aren't entitled to an apology either; if they didn't know what they were getting into they're as stupid as they probably are emaciated.

Kate Moss owes her 2-year-old daughter an apology, and that's about it. I'm pretty libertarian on the subject of drugs -- I don't think that putting users in prison accrues any societal benefit; if anything, it has the potential of turning a harmless idiot into a vengeful, violent criminal. However, despite the Never Never Land that showbiz confers upon its inhabitants, you have to draw that line once you have kids, and put away your own childish things.

And Kate Moss, with her indulgences and partying, with her loser heroin-addled (by his own admission) boyfriend, is doing her child a disservice. So save your crocodile tears, you anorexic skank, and start being a fucking mother, while your child's still a little too young to understand what a self-absorbed moron you are.

Rafael Palmeiro, on the other hand, is a gutless asshole, who has inexcusably lied to his fans, his teammates, and the people of this country. I haven't watched baseball in years, but even I know that between the juiced balls and the juiced athletes, MLB is giving the people what they want -- more home run balls to fight in the stands over.

I don't give a shit about steroids. I assume that most athletes are on them to some extent, even if just for the recuperative effects. What pisses me off about Palmeiro -- apart from his lying and sanctimonious finger-pointing at Congress earlier this year -- is his utter lack of restraint in throwing teammate Miguel Tejada under the bus to cover his own tracks.

The Orioles have terminated Palmeiro's contract, and now every potential teammate knows exactly what kind of team guy Raffi is. Time to hang up the spikes, chump. Nobody respects you anymore, and that's just as bad as being caught red-handed shooting up with Jose Canseco in the john.


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